Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From a Corndog...to a Kung Fu Master

I have a singing Little Miss behind me. She is finger-painting with markers and water. What a mess...but what else can one do when they are stuck in a hotel room and can't swim or anything? I am just glad she is entertaining herself. Already a slacker on the parenting role...


She has to wait 24 hours from her doctor's appointment to swim. I think that we will go for a walk in a little while and give the kids a break of the room. Walks are a little weird because of the staring and the not knowing what they are saying when they point at her.


I have become a regular at the Pizza Hut though. The greeter smiles when she sees me and hands me a takeout menu. I haven't eaten much since we got here. My stomach has been unsettled. Something about the smell of the spices that they use...I do better if I eat in our room. Unfortunately, I cannot find a place to serve me just white rice. I had found a place that had chicken fried rice and that was good the one time I had it. When I went back for more, he said they were out of chicken and tried to sell me eel fried rice...Ummmm...No Thanks! I eat about one meal a day. There's were the pizza comes in. I like it a lot. They do not use pizza sauce but it is very good. I am allergic to wheat and dairy so I have to fight not feeling good or eating. I usually shoot for not eating. I will probably gain weight...Loren has been eating and today does not feel well. It takes awhile for the wheat allergy to kick in so I think that he needs to cut back...but what to feed him?


I am going out on a mission to find him more food. In Beijing, they serve more noodles than rice...We need more rice then noodles. They eat different in each area. Noodles in the north and rice in the south.


Little Miss was a Kung Fu master this morning. She tackled each of us and used kung fu on us. That had us all laughing. She does not like to be corrected (who does?) She pouts and won't talk to us for awhile. I know two boys who are like that as well. When she was poutng we ran over and sandwiched her in what we call the 'corndog' and tickled her until she smiled. We do that at home with the boys...she seems to respond to it pretty well. It is difficult with the language barrier to explain that we are not mad at her and we still want her even when she is naughty. Which she is. Yesterday she chased a bird into the road. She came back to me smiling big and flapping her arms...but I had to correct her because they drive like maniacs around here and are not going to watch for her, she must watch for herself.


Thank you Tumbleweeds...the sticker book you sent has been great. She wears her Tumbleweed t-shirt all of the time now and uses the stickers from the book all over everything. I think that she understands that we have horses at home (trainer right now) and is pretty excited. I wonder what she will think of the goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and the new cat we got her...Angie

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