Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nothing for Christmas

I haven't seen Jacie since last night...


I guess in this particular blog, I don't have any new information.


The End.




Hehehe. Just kidding.


Jared and I left at 6 pm and 'slept' at the Sleep Center in Kalamazoo. Jacie was very worried. I am not sure that she understood what we were doing and if Jared was okay. He is. He just needs to go and sleep there about once a year for a 'tune-up' on his C-PAP. I think that Jacie is just beginning to realize that Jared has medical issues and takes medicine for them. I know that she has watched him take his meds many times but I am not sure that she realizes the severity of his condition. He really does well and has since she has gotten here. Hopefully, his years of major medical are over. He and I have a routine we follow and so far we have been lucky. I remember the first four years and how many emergency trips we made to the ER in the middle of the night. As the holidays approach, I also think back to the Christmas that he spent in the hospital. He was such a trooper. He really is quite a guy.


I wonder how interested Jared will be in Jacie's medical or if all of his years of 'experience' will harden him...? He is such a softy, I'll bet that he can't bear to watch her suffer.


Jacie is definitely gearing up for Christmas. She is looking forward to getting her Big Buzz Lightyear. Hopefully one of her 'Santas' comes through...


She has a new favorite song, "Jingle Bells," which she routinely tortures her brothers with. Unfortunately, she screeches more than she sings, so it is torture for me as well. I love to watch her face light up when she sings though. She has me play it over and over until I think that I might not be able to handle it...but I do and will continue to do so because she loves it.


I have been teaching her my favorite Christmas 'carol,' "Nothing for Christmas." I don't think that she is taking me very seriously though. She just laughs and says, "No, mom, no. I want everything for Christmas."


So much for trying...


She is happy to see me tonight since it has been twenty-four hours since we were together. She got up with her daddy (at 5 am) and went in the semi with him, then she visited her grandma and aunt while the boys and I went to see the Broadway Musical "Wicked." We did not take her because of the language barrier but I am looking forward to that changing. I think (if she could have understood it) she would have loved it. We were wayyyyy up in the 'nose bleed' section, which I knew would not help her translation. Next time...

Actually, tomorrow we (the whole family) are going to the theater again and seeing, "Straight No Chaser." We have front row seats and it is Christmas songs. I think that she will be delighted.


She is happy, seems content and continues to grow. For that, I am grateful.



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