Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Picking Her Up...

We left the hotel and drove about an hour and a half to the orphanage. When we arrived there we many workers outside cleaning hard. We pulled in the gate and never stepped foot inside. Our driver was told that some higher ups were coming today and they asked us to back out on the street and we ended up doing paperwork in the van. Then they brought her out to us. She came out wearing a black and white dress which you will hear about later. She smile and waved to all of us, and then got in the van. She was very brave, we did notice her swallowing a couple of times, and once almost teared up but that was it. CUTE! O my is she cute! We were pretty good at guessing her personality by the video. She is very self determined, and knows what she wants. We have tried many times to try on some other clothes but she just waves her hand no and that is that! We tried to buy her some shoes to help when we go walking tomorrow but that wasn't pretty. We know she received the shoes just a day or two ago, I say shoes, but i mean sandals that blink. When we tried to buy some new shoes we are not sure if she thought she had to trade them in for them or she just plain doesn't like tennis shoes. Either way she started to cry and we think the salesladies may have been hard on her for not listening to us but we are not sure. Anyway we pulled her out of that situation. This morning we all wore tennis shoes to breakfast hoping she would notice b/c she notices everything else! Very attentive! Eating?! Yes, she can eat. like a horse! But she has manners, and is very organized. So far. She makes her bed. Now we look bad. We offered her candy when we met, I offered her of course my favorite, jelly belly's, and she didn't take a few, no I lost the whole bag! Angie has lost her watch too her, her running watch, Blistex, Loren almost lost his D.S. She has a pink backpack that we sent a long time ago and if it goes in there it is no longer yours! Had a blast when we went to the pool. She refused to change out of her dress into her swimming suit until she figured out she wasn't allowed to go in until she did. Then of course she proceeded to whip her dress off right by the pool until Angie stopped her! She loved the pool and the beach ball, I had to hold her up with a boogie board and chase the ball around. She has a lot of energy and is smart. Too smart! Bart

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