Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Orphan to CHOSEN in a Matter of a Few Seconds

As I flit through my Facebook page that I have sorely neglected today, I see all types of causes. Things that people want me to step up behind. They want me to support childhood cancer research, breast cancer awareness, coalitions against child abuse, abortion, mistreatment of others in any form- all important things. It is difficult to know where to put passion these days. Yes, I am in support of cancer research, I would love to see its sickly tentacles completely annihilated from this earth. I also believe that all life has value- from the womb to the elderly. I am against abuse of all sorts. So why do I get so overwhelmed by the massive amount of evil and sickness that seems to pervade in our world today. I merely skim through my feed and I see ten different places that need my money, time or support and they are all very good things. How does a person deal with the massive need to help without the ability to fix any of it??

That is the most difficult thing for me to understand in the world that we live in. I have a platform. I tout my stuff. I blog about my cause- adoption of orphans. I only hope that a handful of people are reading. I am only blogging one cause of many. Sometimes the thought that I am really only dropping a tiny drip into an insurmountable wrong breaks my heart. There are so many worthy causes for people to read about, step in and make changes; how can I ask you to look at the heart of the orphan? The one battle that matters the most to my heart.

I have adopted two 'orphans'. Two of millions. In the scheme of the whole picture- that is nothing.

Yet, the two I have are mine. They are not orphans anymore. I cannot tell you grateful that I am that I serve a God that tugged my heart in the direction of two random kids. There is nothing special about the two kids that I call my own, except that I call them my own. That takes them from a status of orphan to CHOSEN in the matter of a few seconds. Yeah, that is my cause. To take the story of my humble little family out to the masses. Maybe someone, somewhere will see something they like. Maybe they will say, "Yes, I could do that. I could make a life in that way."

God has been so gracious to my family. He has given me grace where I have fallen short in parenting (many, many areas.) He has chosen my family to walk through life in a unique but powerful way. There is no concrete reason for this. I am not worthy to carry the burden. I fail often. Yet, somehow, in God's mercy he has allowed me to walk this journey. Humbling, really.

About once a day, I think about the other children in Jacie's 'group'. All of the children that attended the adoption camp that she was in. She was the first child to be chosen from that group (we were told.) Within twelve hours of being posted on the national listing, Jacie was put on hold by Bart and I. We were not looking to adopt. She was a little under-represented (very little information, no videos.) Yet, God chose to move in a way that allows me hope. She is an amazing fit in our family. Is she perfect? Uhmmm...


Am I?

Of course.

Those of you who know me know that is not even close to accurate. Yet, God chose both of us. Interesting, huh?

I know that there are kids from Jacie's adoption group that are still waiting. It has been over 4 years since we brought Jacie home- over 5 1/2 years since we started this process and KIDS ARE STILL WAITING. Jacie has had 4 major surgeries, learned English, traveled to many states, gotten braces, celebrated Christmas. She has lived. Yet, some of the children that she played with daily STILL WAIT. That is why I blog. That is why I tell our story. To make adoption accessible to you. So everyone can see that Bart and I are just humans who have answered a call on our lives and somehow God has pieced together something beautiful from it.

Tonight I pray for the children that are waiting. They are the beacons in the night. They are the fuse that ignites the passion in my heart. Thanks for stopping in- may your holidays be blessed.

~Camo Pants

One of my favorite pictures of the kids from our trip to California.
What kind of mother would get a kick of making her kids pose under this sign, one may ask...?


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