Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

An A+ in Perseverance

Life continues to move forward and our development as a family continues as well. We stumble at times in our 'new' roles but believe that the bonds that are necessary for relationship are being forged with precision and grace by the one who does all things with unmatched proficiency.


Jacie is such a funny little gal. She delights us with her sense of humor. Most of what we all laugh at is our misunderstanding of each other lingually. It seems that what leaves my mouth and enters her ears are entirely two different things...


I have figured out one thing of importance though, I am 'China Ma' that she refers to often. How she came to refer to me in that regard...? I do not know. I do think that it is true though. So every time that she said, "China Ma give me money and I go get ice cream," and "China Ma have this (Christmas Tree)" she was talking about me. I must insert here that she told me China Ma had big hair...I do not. So there must be a China Ma somewhere. It was I who gave her money and let her go and order by herself. When she told me that China Ma did and sent her long way to get ice cream...I couldn't believe it. She had been in the orphanage for most of her life and especially since she was six. Who would send a six year old to walk a 'long ways' to buy ice cream? I really believe that the long ways was from the back of the restaurant. I think that she either mixes us together intentionally or has not distinguished between her 'mas'.


She did get to watch the Toy Story 3 movie today. Wow, that's a sad one...


She loved it. Yesterday, I bought her the Buzz Lightyear mini figurine and the boys went together and got her Woody. Who can have Buzz without his pal...? Anyway, while at the store she kept asking for the Big One Buzz. When asked what she was talking about, she drug me halfway across the store to show me the 18 inch Buzz Lightyear that talks and lights up. She is completely taken with him. Really. It was big one Buzz this and big one Buzz that. She wanted him which came as no surprise since I have yet to be to the store without her fervently begging for something. I do think this was a little different but I told her no since he was a whopping $44.00!!! I told her that we needed to wait and see what she got for Christmas. I am not sure she understands what Christmas is but I think she knows that she likes it. On the way home she said, "I want big one Buzz" over and over.


I said, "Let's put it on your Christmas list." I have already bought her present so I suggested that she tell grandma (for the family lists.)


Well, she wanted to go to grandma's right away. I told her that we were not going now but she could call grandma. The phone call went something like this:


"Grandma...grandma...on Christmas list...I wanna big one...uh, big one Buzz Lightyear." Remember that her language is not very clear and you have to slam that into one word...


From what I understand, grandma's reply went something like this, "Long ears, who?"


Later that day, she told me that she figured it out, "Grandma has money...big. Ma money...little." What a stinker.


As funny as the whole situation is, it is hard to explain in the combination of charades and broken English that I could have bought her that 'big one Buzz' but didn't because she just can't have everything she wants when she wants it.


I thought perhaps we would have closed the door on the constant asking for the big one Buzz but tonight she said, "Ma no give Jacie $10.00 to get big one Buzz..." Yeah...we are at it again. $10.00...isn't she cute?


If nothing else, as her teacher, I give her an A+ in perseverance...



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