Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Brush Your Teeth and Get New Shoes Person

I would think that you all are about to go to bed. I would like to as well...Unfortunately for me, I have been too nerved up to sleep for almost four days straight. Hopefully that will change soon, or Bart will have to tie a rope around my waist to pull me off the plane in Chicago on the other end...

The Narita Airport (Japan) was very nice. I wonder if it seemed nicer than it really is because we were so cramped in the 12:30 hour flight from Chicago but did enjoy stretching our legs. It was hard to navigate the airport though and we walked so far that I told Bart I didn't think we needed to catch the next flight because we might have just walked to Beijing.

As Bart said, we met our guide late on Saturday night and met Ying-Ying very early Sunday morning...very early! Going to the orphanage was probably the most interesting part thus far...and sad. There is a lot of extreme poverty and I think that we saw only a tiny bit of it. The housing was poor and marked for demolition. I wondered where the people who were living in them would go.

The roads were very tiny, more like sidewalks but they still fit two lanes (at least) and bikes, motorbikes, walkers etc. People also park on the road so they are practically closed before the traffic comes.

It was weird at the orphanage. Bart said that we signed all of the legal papers in the van...very true. It seemed very cold and indifferent. But not her. She is an extremely happy child (so far.) We know that at any minute, she could melt down and are prepared for that. She sings to herself and dances while we walk which isn't always the best because her walking if unstable a little and her shoes are only sandals. Bart told you about the shoe incident. I know that she wasn't trying to be naughty, but I cannot understand her so I can't explain the reasons. We will be walking for many hours tomorrow and the sidewalks are very uneven. I tried the pink ones and the colorful ones, nothing. I personally think that she thinks she has to give her sandals back. I am going today to buy the pair that I thought were the best and use our guide tomorrow for explanation. Hopefully we will have a better go at it.

It makes me laugh at how well she eats...Bart is right, just like a horse. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as my other children have always been good eaters. She ate more than me this morning...

Bart does excellent with her. I think that she knows that she has that one wrapped around her finger. I am more of the brush your teeth and get new shoes person, he is her buddy. I figured that it would be him.

Tonight could be our biggest battle yet as we are looking to get in the bathtub and pajamas. Last night she slept (of course) in the infamous black and white dress that she will not let out her sight. How many days can she wear it straight? We will let you know when we get stateside. Hope all is well. Angie

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