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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Duck Heads for Loren

We took LM (Little Miss Fancy Pants) out for a walk and an ice cream this afternoon. While we were out, Bart and I were talking about how we wished there was a park or something where she could run. We are putting off going to the pool for a while in order to spread the day out...


The boys and I went out on a mission to find food for Loren. We ended up with...Pringles. I found him a great little restaurant on the side of the road but he was too picky to eat there. I don't know what he has against duck...heads, fried and intact. I laughed so hard. He did not.


I did take them over to see a neat restaurant across the street. Instead of chairs the people sit on swings and eat...Two swings pulled up to a table. It is pretty neat...Even Loren said so. It must be then.


While Bart, LM and I were out we sat in the shade eating our ice cream when a homeless man came up to the trash next to us. He was looking for old plastic pop cans. Bart gave him the one that he had just finished and he nicely said, "Xia, Xian." Thank you.

I worried about what the other people would do but was in for a pleasant surprise. On the sidewalk, next to us some people were selling already made Vegan food. They walked over and gave him a plate of it. Then another man gave him a water. He said, "Xia, Xian" and walked on. I was glad that they did that because I was trying to figure out how to buy him some...


The money system is complicated here. I was beginning to master it when someone gave me a 'new' style coin and now I am back to square one. From what I can gather, each denomination has a coin and paper money. So I can have a paper 10 cents or a coin. That gave many people opportunity to laugh at me. I tried to pay for $10.00 with two 50 cent paper money. Oh did the sales ladies enjoy that. I guess, as long as they had fun...


LM does change her clothes now. She prefers the undergarments that she came out with. I was finally able to get her into the horse pair I had brought from home...so I could wash the ones she had been wearing for three days/nights straight.


As I said before, she likes her Tumbleweed shirt. Cindy, the guide, made mention to her about looking like a boy in brown shirt with her short hair and we thought she wouldn't wear it anymore but she does. She won't wear the blue jeans she was wearing then though. They are cute little Levis with heart pockets on the back and sparkles in the denim. With the brown shirt she was wearing her bright pink tennis shoes and those girly Levis. Cindy said that everyone asked if she was a boy or girl...We thought that she looked like a pretty cute little girl. I don't need to tell you all again that things are different here. Angie

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