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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Off the Grid

LM seems to understand that we are leaving the hotel today. She is trying to pack all of our things...we are not in a rush but she seems to be. I don't blame her as we have been in this hotel a lot and we told her that we don't live here so she is probably ready to move forward.


We did see a lot in Beijing but were here for 11 days so I would agree, it is time to see something else.


Last night when I went on my regular visit to the grocery store, they were having a concert on the mall. The air was slightly cool with a breeze blowing. The singer was very good, of course I could not understand him but he sounded good. There were a lot of people gathered which surprised me for a Monday night. Cindy said they have been trying to do things like that to draw the people to the mall and stimulate the economy...sound familiar?


I went back to the manicure place to get nail polish remover so that I could take the polish off of LM's toes. She had been trying to scrape it off in the bathtub. When I got there the same guys were working. In hand motions I told them that I was sick yesterday. He finished my nails for free...I did not let them soak my hands in the warm water/toxic gas. Seriously, he started to prepare it and got out what looked like a small kerosene can. I think that is what made me sick, so I shook my head no and I was fine through the rest of the manicure.


I have a tiger at my feet eating me as we speak. It actually hurts sometimes because she doesn't realize how strong she is. She understands ouch though so that helps...a little.


After we leave this hotel it is very likely that will not have the internet anymore. For one thing, we must leave Cindy's computer with her and our cord is lost. I also have been watching another blog and the person did not post very much after they got to Guangzhou. I think Jason Bourne calls it 'going off the grid.' Hopefully when we resurface it will be in the good ole US of A.


Do check though, we may be able to find some internet.


Happy Birthday to Bart today/tomorrow. How cool for him that he gets two birthdays this year...


I guess for now this is a good bye...Angie

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