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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Full Moon at the Beijing Zoo

Today we went to the Beijing Zoo. According to our guide, most people do not go there and if they do it is only to see the pandas. We saw most of it...


LM was very excited to go. I had Cindy ask her if she had been to the zoo before and she said, "No, the orphanage brought the other children but she was not allowed to go." She could hardly contain herself. She wanted to see the tigers sooo bad. It took awhile to get to them though. We saw the elephants, rhinoceros, monkeys, giraffes and finally the tigers. She sure does love tigers. We had to pay money for her to sit on a tiger statue and then I took her picture. It was worth the money because she loved it so much. Then in the little gift shop we bought her a bag of animals (figurines.) She pulled the tigers out of the bag and has been playing with them since. The tigers bit everyone including the other animals in the zoo. She made up little stories about the tigers including the elephant as a nanny...too cute.


The boys seem to be doing well. They are not used to all of the waiting (for paperwork and such) but have been real troopers about it. They get my applause for their maturity this trip. They have seen a lot...


Including a completely full moon walking in front of us at the zoo today. The whole back of a little boy's pants was split at the seam with all of his buns showing. When his mother picked him up, she either didn't notice or was fine with it...I had to laugh.


The zoo itself was very nice. The greens were lush and varied.

I love to take pictures of green so I hope they turned out. It is difficult to check because I would like to see them on computer (bigger.)


We leave Beijing tomorrow in the evening (5:20 pm.) Then it is off to Guangzhou. When we get there we will get a new guide named Helen. She will help us for the time we are there. She has to go to the embassy for us one day. The shopping is supposed to be pretty good in Guangzhou and hopefully we can find a laundry service. They have one here but it is so expensive that I don't want to use it. The biggest choice we make every morning is which is the cleanest, dirty shirt we have...in order to have something to wear for the day.


Hope all is well back home...Thanks for the prayers.



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