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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hiking the Great Wall in High Heels...?

As you can see, Bart and I use this journal as our only connection to our family and friends so it is well used.


Bart talked about us going to the Great Wall today. A huge kudos to him for carrying LM up to the second tower so she could see it. She wants to do everything that we do but her ankles are fused and she does not bend her left knee. So stairs are difficult for her...not impossible, just hard.


The Great Wall is a thousand little stairs going up a mountain. Unfortunately the stairs are all different heights and sizes. There were two lines of people. The ones going up and the ones going down. In between them were all of the people trying to pass (both ways.) It reminded me of the medical clinic which reminds me of the traffic...


It was VERY hot and humid with little air movement. Some of the women we passed were climbing it in high heels...Now that is a real woman. I wore my new Keen sandals (which have been great here across the board.)


As Bart said, I went further up than the others. Jared's asthma only allowed him to go a little ways. Bart was a pack horse and turned around at the second tower and Loren hates crowds so he went back with Bart. There definitely were crowds until you got further up. The higher I got, the less people there were. I met a funny French man. He was coming down when I was going up. He did a little dance as he stepped down and said, "Hello." to me. It was nice to hear English. He was wearing bright orange tennis shoes. He posed for me when he saw my camera (I have quite a big one.) I snapped a picture of him and he said, "A French man in Orange Shoes." I think that was the title of my picture. He said, "Viva America!" and walked on. What he doesn't know is that he was so close and my lens so big I only got his shoes in the picture. heheh


Ignorance is bliss...


At the top£¬ I met a Chinese girl teen and her parents. Her mother was taking her picture overlooking the top. She made muscles and growled. I asked if they would take my pic as well (with my camera.) I did the same pose and they laughed. I have made a lot of people laugh on this trip.


Going to the top was really neat, I wished Bart could have gone up with me.


LM is talking in English some. She waves goodbye when someone leaves and says, "Bye-bye." She got up this morning and after I said, "Good Morning." I heard a little, "Hello."


She definitely has her naughty moments. We can tell the difference between the naughty moments and the "I don't understand, moments" by the set of her head and the way she shifts her eyes.


Thanks for the prayers. I am feeling better. Jared is still struggling and Bart does not feel very well either. It helps if I don't eat. After awhile I stop being hungery. Angie


BTW: Today is Sunday (Father's Day in America) and I felt bad that we did not have a gift for Bart. I think that he is shafted this year because his birthday is on Tuesday as well. Anyway, LM told Cindy that Bart was a 'good looking man' in his sunglasses. He said that was enough of a Father's Day gift for him.


Mom- Loren got the picture today...

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