Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hungry? Hungry?

It has been an extremely difficult day...we sooo want to get to the airport and fly to Hong Kong. We have a night flight there, 10:40 pm. It will be torture but will probably outrank our day by far...


I could write a whole slew of negative things right now but know that it would not benefit anyone...so by choice, I am going to focus on the positive.


Jacie had a wonderful time at the pool. She loves to swim and is getting quite good at it. She seems to understand the concept of swimming but we have not been in water that is not over her head, so we make her wear floaties...we are looking forward to getting her to water that she can walk into and see how she does.


I talked to a lady from Barcelona today. She said, "I want to go home." In Spanish. All I understood was 'mi casa' my home. I nodded in agreement. She and her husband adopted a baby. That would be hard because the streets are so very packed and the cars, bikes and buses that do not heed people.


One time, Jacie got stuck in the road and the car honked and drove straight at her. I whispered to Loren, "That's right, run over the crippled child..." I was trying to make him laugh because this trip has been hard on them physically and hard to understand. Of course, Bart was moving her to safety at the time.


Jacie is standing next to me saying, "Hungry? hungry?" I think that she is mimicking me. If I am not telling her to brush her teeth, I am asking her if she is hungry.


I wonder how hard she will struggle in the States after she realizes that we don't drink pop and eat pizza everyday...


She will love her room though, she told Cindy that she slept in a room with 12 other girls. We had Cindy ask her about friends. She said that she had one friend who was 14 yrs old and she was moved to the other orphanage because at 14 yrs, you are not eligible for adoption anymore. That made us sad for the girl but it made Jacie's transition easier because she didn't have to leave her friend.


In 20 mins our shuttle comes for Hong Kong...yay...




BTW: Bart is not feeling well still. He has struggled for several days now. Please pray for him. Flying while sick is miserable. I feel okay. Just hungry...

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