Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In Mario and Luigi Code

I sit here in the cover of darkness listening to the children play behind me. WOW are they loud.


Jacie is learning how to play the Wii. She is a pretty vocal now about how she feels when she loses...which is most of the time. It is difficult to explain to her how to use remote correctly. How cute it is to watch her try. Right now, she and Jared are laying in the doorway 'sleeping' and she is calling my name, "Angie, come help Jacie...Angie...Angie..."


She likes to play with using my given name instead of 'ma'. It is kind of funny...she doesn't mean it disrespectfully just a game. She loves to tease and play games.


She is settling in nicely. She loves to do projects and enjoys looking through the children's 'project' dept. I don't mind buying her some of them because she does them (many times in the van on the way home.) She got a monkey necklace with beads today. She loved that. I have signed her and myself up for making a scarecrow for the fair. I think that she will enjoy creating 'him' with me. She also will start her 4-H projects soon. She is to make 2 posters. One of her bottle feeding the baby goats and the other of her sunflowers that she has been growing since she got here. I think that she will enjoy doing those projects.


She tripped a lot today. Her walking is worse when she is tired and coming off of camping...she is very tired. It is a rare occasion for her to fall and say, "Ouch, Jacie hurt."


She did that today, pointing to both of her knees. Of course, (and always) she was on the concrete when she fell. It seems to be the way it always happens.


Our family has had a little fun with her language. She says things like, "I'ma changin'..." For us, we assimilate that with Mario and Luigi...Okay, we know that it's not nice but it is funny and keeps us on our toes. We can make the boys laugh in a heartbeat. That helps release some of the pressure that is existing in our house since her arrival. A shout out to the Mario language that is taking over charades...


"I'ma cheeseburger..." was said over and over this weekend. You may think that she is...or wants a cheeseburger. Nope. "I'ma cheeseburger" means. "Can I have a hot dog." Yeah, I'm not kidding. I think that she speaks in code...


Most of the time I can figure out what she is saying. Most of the time...A while ago, she began saying, "Me'an." Like "Thank you, Me'an." I thought awww that's sweet, she's calling me a Chinese term for ma. I really thought that it was pretty cool. Until recently when I heard myself say, "Thank you, Ma'am." the whole time that I thought I was special...she was mimicking me. Too cute. She continues to grow in her language acquisition and her desire to learn. She wants everything and I want to give it to her. Last night she sat down with her Ba and showed him pictures of scuba diving...she wants to do that. She also showed him all of the constellations...she wants to see them; probably from close range. I thank God every day that she is where she is...the place where we can make her dreams a reality. Angie

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