Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Little Pair of Lacers...Please

It has been a long time since I could say, "Wow, I'm cold..." Today is it...


I keep hearing behind me, "I'ma cold." I am with Jacie. It is chilly. No complaints though...


Yesterday I was so excited to finally find her a pair of boots (lacers) that fit her like a glove. She is sooo hard to fit for. Shoes and boots can really hurt if they are not just right...this coming from a very picky shoe person. Anyway, yesterday at the horse show we went into the tack shop on the grounds and out of the two pairs of cute (very, very cute) pairs of pink and brown lacers...one was her size. She loves them. She has another pair of boots that I had gotten at a garage sale. They are pink with a zipper, so she can get into them but they are a size 1. It hurt her knees to wear them because they were not firm on her feet. Her shoe size is 10 1/2. Yes, very little feet. This is exciting news for her because fair is coming and I was not comfortable having her hanging around the barns without the proper foot attire. She has been riding in tennis shoes at the barn. That made me nervous but the people were very careful because they knew that I couldn't find boots.


I am hoping that in the fall, before her surgery, she will be able to ride more often...she seems to be quite interested. I'm not sure how she couldn't be, two weeks after she got home, she went to her first horse show. When she rides, no one can tell that she has problems with her feet. She may enjoy that aspect. I know that I would.


As soon as she got her boots (she left them on) then she went straight to the 'fancy' riding clothes hanger and picked a shirt, belt and cowboy hat. Definitely a shopper...Unfortunately, for her, I wasn't in.


She has been so much fun to have in the family. She has fit so well that it is almost hard to remember a time before her.


She is now watching 'her' movies in English and Chinese. Her movies are the ones that we bought in China. We have noticed that when she watches her cartoons (Chinese), she is anti-social and angry after. For that reason, slowly we have been weaning her off the Chinese cartoons. She has all of the Disney favorites in Chinese so I have been supplementing them. She doesn't seem to mind. It was a hard call to make but we didn't feel that they were helping her in anyway.


Everyone around us cannot believe how quickly her language is coming along. We do not have a tutor but use charades and everyday life to communicate. She now 'strikes up' conversations with people and sometimes they do not realize that she doesn't speak the language yet. Those of us close to her can see the holes that her language base still has. She does well to compensate for it though. She is pretty flexible and willing to try a different angle if you didn't get it.


Our hard decision now is whether to try to keep her Mandarin. The closest Mandarin classes appear to be an hour away. I am afraid that I cannot commit to that hour drive there and back once a week. When she has surgery, she will lose a lot of her Mandarin. I am thinking about getting Mandarin Rosetta Stone and making it part of her school everyday...I am just not sure if it will be enough to maintain it.


On the whole, she is doing well. Every day is a learning experience for all of us. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. Pray for us as we make decisions regarding her surgery. Some of our options need to be weighed heavily as to the cost on the family financially, emotionally and physically. Thanks~ Angie

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