Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Newest King Farms Employee

This is for you, Yoder family. Bart talked about the black dress in one of his first posts. This dress has been the topic of almost all of our posts, meal conversations and private ones too. When she came out of the orphanage she was wearing this black and white dress, undergarments and a pair of new sandals. Other than that, she had the backpack we had sent her filled with the books we had sent (untouched) and the necklace we had sent for her birthday. She told the guide that she had been shown these items but only given them when she walked out to meet us.


So back to the dress, undergarments and shoes. We think that someone must have specially picked these items because we cannot get her to change out of them. For anything. It has made us laugh...and cry. To tell the truth though, I don't think that people would notice her in a smelly little black and white dress if she didn't have such a pronounced disability. Seriously, things are different here. I was walking through the main part of an outdoor mall (getting KFC, her favorite) and a little boy (3-4) walked in front of me, pulled down his pants to his knees and proceeded to pee facing the road (6 lanes), on the sidewalk. His dad stood about 3 feet away and watched him. True story...


On that same trip, I went to Pizza Hut (for Jared) and right in front of me walked a military police officer carrying a huge gun. The ladies at the front just backed away and in he went. I suppose he was hungry?


So we have decided that in the whole scheme of things one smelly black and white dress is not so bad...


She is really bonding with Bart and the boys. Today she jumped into the bed with Bart and watched TV. She lets the boys hold her hand and take her places. She even let Bart help her into pjs tonight (I ran to the sink with that dress and panties. Hopefully they are dry by morning!!


She is not so into me yet. She watches me but will not let me touch her or anything unless she has too. It makes Bart feel bad but I told him to give her time. She can only handle so much. Right now, she has our guide (who is a woman) she doesn't need me. Plus she has always had women raising her...We shall see. Maybe Bart will be at home being a full-time nanny and I will be King Farms newest employee. Angie


BTW: I cannot post pictures yet. Do not give up hope, I am still trying but my Chinese is a little rusty and the computer I am using is Chinese.

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