Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Princess with a Gun

So our family is adapting to Jacie pretty well, though I am not used to having someone follow after me everywhere saying my name...it has been awhile.


She still is not sleeping regularly. Our house is very little so if she doesn't sleep...someone else doesn't either. Last night I got the brilliant idea of putting her (and the boys) to bed early (8 pm). I thought that maybe she would make up some of her lost sleep and she will lose some tonight as it is the 4th of July and the fireworks go late. Anyway, she did not understand why she had to go to bed while it was still daylight. She kept pointing outside and making the sign for lights...Yes, sweetie, I know that it is light out.


I could not convince her (mind you, we are doing all of this in sign language). Eventually she did fall asleep and I enjoyed my first night of cleaning and organizing (then reading) by myself. I got about double done, it needed it soooo bad.


She enjoyed going to the mall yesterday. There was a lot to see. I just wished that I had waited until I had more time, so I didn't have to rush her. I really needed to get just one item and go...she needed to see all of them.


She also rode her first horse yesterday. Wow...I told Lisa (the trainer) that she made an instant friend. Jacie is a very brave little girl and showed no fear. She had watched her brothers ride so knew what was happening. I told the boys that when we got home I was going to tell dad that she liked horses too and watch him cry...


She is adapting well. Her eating is off...which I expected (mine was way off in China). She loves toast...by the loaf. So that is what she eats. She drinks milk like crazy and yesterday I got her to eat a McDonalds chicken sandwich...finally some protein. She ate almost 9/10 th of it. That's a lot for someone so little...but like I said previously, she eats like a farmhand...what we are experiencing now is not the norm.


Jacie is extremely playful and loving. She takes excellent care of animals (dogs in particular). They are loving that she feeds them 5 times a day...They wonder where she has been all of their lives...


We are looking into doctor appointments. She has some sort of infection in her mouth. I only know by smell. I cannot see it. But her breath is baaad and brushing almost makes it worse. Thank goodness for good dental care and Dr. Polzin. Her regular doctor appointment is 4 days after her dental. I'll bet she is surprised when we get called back to our own room and do not have to wait and push in line in order to secure a spot. He will then refer us to an orthopedic specialist. We will see what he says...


On the funny side: The very first toy that she latched onto was an old, non-working B-B gun that the boys had outgrown. She has toted that gun around with her constantly, picking off the birds in the yard routinely. When we were at a garage sale the other day, I told her that she could pick an item off the table. She picked GI Joe (who had a big gun.) At the next sale she picked a Little Princess book. I told Bart...we've adopted a princess with a gun and that he might have to get her a pink one (which is her favorite color.)



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