Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ready to Take the Plunge

Things are in a little bit of a slow down here, almost like the calm before the storm. The storm, of course, is the fair...


I am sure that Jacie is looking forward to the fair. She and her Ba are counting down the days until we go there. I am a little worried about how to explain that the first day we are at fair, we don't ride the rides...We usually do that in the middle to end of the week. Fun, fun. Little things like that are very hard to help her understand.


She has been waking up with pain in her leg. It is the same leg that she hyper-extends at the knee. She tends to walk on her toes in the morning and now that she knows the word for pain, she is using it. She says, "Ouch" and points to her knee. All I can think is, "No kidding, I bet it does hurt." Those of you who haven't seen her walk it is difficult to explain how painful her walking looks.


I called the Orthopedist that we are looking at starting with for her. She was waiting for a referral to come through and it didn't seem to be moving very fast. They said that they wanted to use the new doctor joining their staff on Monday so they hadn't set her up...I hate waiting for things that I know are needed. Anyway, we have an appointment on Wednesday so we can start this process. They tried to get me to take her to the ER for the knee pain. I can't imagine opening that can of worms in the ER of all places. I know that is what they are supposed to say but man...


Her legs, hips and feet are all in need of work. It comes as no surprise that she has pain. They were worried about a fracture. That is possible given that she is a gold medalist in falling (very hard). The only reason that I don't think it is a fracture is that she walks it off.


We are in an interesting position with Jacie. Not only is the language an issue but her lack of medical history poses an issue for treatment. We have the most basic of information of her Chinese medical. This does not help the doctors and makes some of them nervous, which is understandable. On the other side of the coin, she needs care fairly quickly, as she is eight. It is amazing how many people have told Bart and I that Jacie needs to see an orthopedist. Hehehe. It's our family joke now. We always laugh and say that we didn't notice...We even had a shoe salesperson tell us that. If one does not laugh...


Jacie's language is coming along. What we can't say to each other, we still do in charades. It may look weird to people but it works for us. I have often thought that people probably think that she is deaf...that's what our charades remind me of. She is definitely beginning to talk for herself. A couple of days ago when we were visiting 'friends' she wanted to borrow a movie. When she brought it to me I said, "No, you already have it at home." Of course, all she heard and understood was, "No." Then the same friends gave one of our sons a game that they had borrowed from him. So he was able to walk out with something from their house. We got about to the steps to go home when she let loose. She was crying and saying, "Ma say Jacie No...Jared..hiccup, hiccup yes." She was mad. With no way to explain, I didn't even try. As soon as we got home, I went in and dug out the movie that she had wanted to borrow to show her. Short of that, I had nothing. She definitely has some fight left in her. That is actually good though not any fun to walk through.


If she doesn't like what the boys do to her, she glares at them. Its kind of funny and quite age appropriate.


She continues grow and adjust. I hope that going to the specialists does not stunt the progress that I think we are making with her relationally.


On a happy note, she is starting to use her bedroom as a playroom. It is a step in the right direction. Maybe by the time she graduates high school, she will be ready to take the plunge and sleep in it. Thanks for your continued interest. Angie

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