Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Right Between the Eyes

It is so quiet in the house that I don't really know how to think. I am used to a constant, "Ma...ma...ma" in the background (filling up my head) and Jacie is gone with her father in the 'big truck'. The boys are asleep and it is just me, sitting at the computer reflecting on the latest news of our lives.


Jacie continues to be doing well. Various behaviors are surfacing as time goes on but nothing that we can't handle. Walking through the Wal-Mart is still crazy...I try to slip away by myself whenever I can. I think that she asked for almost fifteen things in the course of a ten minute visit yesterday. For me, that gets frustrating. The boys were not allowed to ask for things all of the time and she will not be allowed either but for now with the language being an issue...we are stuck.

All I can say, is that I am glad she is so very cute...


Bedtime is still hard for her but last night Loren slept away from her vision and she did it. She had been sleeping at his feet (much to his twelve year old delight.) It will probably be a whole different ballgame tonight though. We will have to see. She is unpredictable. It seems like the mornings that she could sleep in, she is wide awake early and the ones that we have to get up...she is sleeping like a log and won't barely get up. Uhhmmmm...


We keep her quite busy down on the farm. She is constantly feeding the animals (they are fat and sassy since she came.) I am not sure how to tell her that they don't need food five times a day and she enjoys it so much, I guess I decided, "Why not let them have a summer of fat?"


As I said before, she is growing as well. Maybe she feeds the animals on her own eating rotation. She definitely is doing that. It is amazing to see her physical growth since she got into the van in China. Her ribs do not stick out like they did back then and her face is fuller. She wasn't hungry (that we know of) in China, just very little. I am glad to see the growth, it looks good on her.


The experience of bringing a child (any child, but especially an older one) into a family is difficult, stressful and downright crazy some days. It sets the world that is in place into a spin that I think takes awhile to recover from. We are in recovery. Some days require more work than others. Yet we know that we are on the right track and the God has amazing plans for our family...it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Pray for us as we continue to adjust. The boys' lives have been hit pretty hard and to them it feels like it was right between the eyes. They are having to relearn what 'normal' is and for anyone that is difficult but at their age...well enough said. Thanks for walking this with us.


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