Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Mouth Full of Dirt

We continue to do well though the sweltering heat is quite annoying. Jacie just got done running in the sprinkler. She likes that a lot but not as much as swimming...


Yesterday Bart took her to the park where the 4-H meeting was. Jared and I went in a different direction so I was not there. I guess that Jacie began to warm up to the other children and play with them. I have not seen her play with other kids before. Anyway, in the course of playing on the merry-go-round...well not on but running and pushing it...she tripped and fell under it. I guess she biffed it pretty good and came up with a mouth full of dirt. I am glad she did not knock her teeth out.


Bart said that the other children got the merry-go-round stopped very quickly. He was surprised.


I forget sometimes that she does have trouble with her feet and hips, thus her balance. She forgets too...


I was told that she did not cry, she rarely does unless she has to go to bed.


One Wednesday we went to the Branch County Fair. Jacie got introduced to Kate's Pizza, the 4-H barns and the midway. She loved it all and wanted to ride every ride. Unfortunately for her I was not willing to pay $4.00 for her to ride one ride and probably have to double that because who sends a little kid on a ride alone. She was very, VERY disappointed when we went home without riding anything. I could not tell her that our fair is coming and that we always buy a wristband one day so she could ride all of the rides that she could stomach...BTW: She is tall enough to ride, which was a concern of mine for her.


We tried to explain that later meant a long time later and not later on that day. I am not sure that we were successful because she did not want to talk to us much that night...quite a little pouter. She got over it pretty quick though and gestures in charades about riding rides and shows me the date on the calendar. Hopefully she understands.


We also got to see the stick horse show in Branch. I was happy about that because then (using charades) I was able to 'ask' Jacie if she wanted to be in that class. She said, "Jacie, giddy-up. Jared, Loren no...too big. Jacie, yes." Then she proceeded to make the hand gestures for cowboy boots, jeans, horse and cowboy hat. Yup, we made a farm girl out of her...


Hope everyone is well. Angie

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