Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ribbit, Ribbit

Shhh! Don't tell anyone but Jared is playing The Princess and the Frog on the Wii with Jacie AND I think that he is enjoying himself.


It is true. Jared has volunteered to 'teach' Jacie how to play her new game. She does not play the Wii well and is quite annoying to play with because of that fact. I thought that getting her one of the easier games with a story line might help her learn how to use the buttons correctly. She is loving it. She is not very good at it yet...but I know given time, she will become a 'pro'. There is a very good reason that I am not the one showing her how to play; quite simply...she would beat me and my pride cannot take that. I am also not certain I can even turn the thing on. Yeah, not a gamer.


Yesterday was Jacie's day. When we went shopping, she scored many purchases and was quite pleased with herself. First, I bought her the Wii game, so that she could enjoy her game time. Then we went to the second hand clothes store. There she got a 'church' coat, a new Sunday outfit and quite a few pajamas. I love this little second hand store. Their clothes are so clean and priced well. While there, I asked Loren to look for a tiger outfit on the Halloween costume rack...score. He came back with a lion that fit her perfectly. She didn't even question why it was a lion (not tiger). She also found a large bag of Playmobil characters and pieces. The boys never had Playmobil but she has shown an avid interest in them. I was considering getting her a set that I found in Sam's for Christmas. The bag of items she found at the second hand store had many more items and was much, much cheaper...She has played with them so much since I got them yesterday, they have already paid for themselves.


I had to laugh at her antics when I said yes to the purchases. She danced around and hugged each item. It would seem to an outsider that we have never bought the child anything. Ever...


When we were all done, I called Bart and told him that I had spent all of his money...she must have heard at least part of that conversation because she said to me, "Ma, no more money. I go get more from Ba and give it to Ma."


I think that she has it all figured out.


Her language is really moving along. I can tell that she still has holes in her understanding but her talking is coming. She can communicate her opinions (she has A LOT of them.) I wouldn't have it any other way. She is losing a little of her Mario lingo. Words are beginning to be articulated more clearly, I think. I do know that other people do not understand her as clearly as our family does...which makes sense.


I have been noticing that Jacie has a lot of fears. I know that she is afraid of being in the dark by herself, she doesn't like bugs, and is afraid of her bedroom. Today, I found out that she is afraid of the wind rushing through the trees. I sent her outside to play in order that Jared could finish the last of his school unencumbered. About five minutes later, I heard her screaming and crying. Jared and I took off running only to find her standing in the middle of the yard crying her eyes out. I said, "Jacie, what is wrong?" She said, "Me scared." I said, "Scared? Of what?" She pointed at the trees with the wind rustling through the leaves. Uhmmm...


There is so much that she has to get used to. She is quite courageous in spite of her fears. I cannot believe how extremely blessed I am to have the opportunity to walk this journey with her. She is truly her Ba and my princess...I wonder which of us is the frog? It definitely couldn't be her Ba. He is her prince. I guess you know who is left...


Ribbit, ribbit.



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