Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Princess Jacie, OOLaLa

Today I got a little one on one time with each of my kids. That coupled with the beautiful weather made this an unforgettable day. As I labored outside (picking up hundreds and hundreds of dropped walnuts) one by one each of the children came out, visited for a time then wandered away...


That's okay with me because though it doesn't pay well...it does pay and I'm not sharing the money.


Each visit was great and I loved spending the time outdoors. I can't get enough of these nice days.


I have been itching to post the funniest story which happened today...


While driving home from the horse barn, Loren and Jared found that Jacie still had Nerd candies left in her box. Of course, they pounced on that wanting to finish them 'for' her. For whatever reason, she said, "Loren, yes. Jared, no."


This went over as expected...like a lead balloon. "I want some..." Jared protested.


Jacie looked straight at him and said, "Jared say, 'Princess Jacie, please.'"


I laughed so hard, I almost had to pull over to the side of the road. Through clenched teeth I heard, "Princess Jacie, please."


She replied, "No. Slow down."


Again, I heard, "Princess Jacie, please."


Then she looked straight at him and replied, "Jared, say, 'Princess Jacie, OOLala.'"


Which in our house means verrryyy pretty. I almost choked trying to hold in my laughter, I wanted to hear this play out. Very sweetly, Jared said what she wanted and the moment was over but I knew that a battle had been waged and won in that moment. I have laughed over that exchange all day long...what a little stinker.


I found her a few more items for her winter wardrobe today. She and I had a little time to kill while her brothers rode their horses. We ended up going to a couple of second hand shops. I love what we found. She did not have any nice church slacks. When the snow is neck high, (and it is coming friends...) I like to wear a pair of long pants. I assume she will too. I got her a little pair of cords with flowers and a matching sweater. The sweater is thick and warm. With the sweater I got a long sleeve shirt that is interchangeable with the pants and the skirt that I found. She will be so darling in all of the items...if I can get her to wear them. She is so choosy. I took each item over to her and asked her, we'll see if she was paying attention. That is one of the reasons I like to pay $2.00 a piece, instead of $10.00. The hardest part, I think will be getting shoes to match. I am like that, I like to have shoes that match the outfits for me...and my kids. So now I am on the hunt for Stride Rite (seems to be the only brand of church shoes that fits well) brown Mary Jane's size 10 and 1/2. So if you see any, let me know. With all of you doing my shopping, it shouldn't take long.


School is going well for Jacie. She is very motivated when she wants to be and not at all the rest of the time. Uhmmm...sounds familiar. I'd say that she fits right into the pack around here. She and the boys blew up a volcano yesterday. She has been wanting to watch it blow for a week now. I hope that it was all that she thought it would be.


I tried to get her to tell me the Chinese word for sun yesterday during school. She wouldn't say anything except, "Jacie, forget."


I could get no Chinese words out of her. I had thought about trying to retain her Chinese if we could but she is so stubborn, I don't think I can. I finally looked up the Chinese word and said it to her. She said that was right but gave no indication of saying it herself. The interesting part of that exchange was that while we were looking at the Chinese/English Visual Dictionary, she pointed to a Christmas Tree and said that she had one in China. I said, "Jacie get gift?"


She said, "Yes' and drew a picture of a teddy bear holding a carrot.


I said, "Where is teddy?"


"China..." she replied.


My heart got a little sad. I wondered where that teddy bear is and why it couldn't have come with her.






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