Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Princess Flower is...A Villian...?

Somehow in all of the confusion of adopting...I got a superhero and not a little girl. Where there is supposed to be sugar and spice and everything nice...? I have cute and tough with a little bit of sparkle. Uhmmm....

Today, Jacie is not the superhero though, she is the villain. She has armed my living room as a fort and is 'taking out' the bad guys one by one. Another uhmmm...
The funniest part...? Her 'fort' is built out of office supplies. No this is not a misprint. She has armed herself with various tape, hole punchers and paper clips...
She is a piece of work. How funny. She has barricaded the living room door, trapping us in declaring, "I will keep you safe, Ma. I will help you. I am the bad guy. I am evil..." She is on quite a tirade. She is currently building a wall between the living room and kitchen out of her school books, mumbling under her breath, "See if you can get through these books...[insert evil laugh]."

She has organized her army men to flank and attack anyone who breaks through the barricade.

My life is never boring, that is for sure.

Her brothers are not impressed with her fort. What they don't realize is that they played like that all of the time when they were younger. She is definitely active. She loves to organize and attack. She travels in a multitude.

Insert another evil laugh here.

So much for a dolly loving, princess with bows in her hair. Jacie has never let me put bows in her hair. In fact, when we were taking family pictures, I told Bart, "Clip this in her hair and hold her hand until the camera flashes..." That is why she was wearing a barrette in her first family picture.
The only barrette I have seen her in. Ever.

Today, while I was applying for her social security number she was talking about how she her name was changed when she came to America. She told the lady, "My name mean Flower..."

That is true. Jacie does mean beautiful flower. She went on to tell the lady that she wanted to be called, "Princess Flower."
I laughed and told the lady that people would probably think that we were hippies if we called her Princess Flower all of the time. What a funny little gal. What an interesting conversation to have with a government worker...

Jacie is sure going to be disappointed when I make her take down her fort and put my office back together again. I am such a meany. Insert evil laugh here...

Hope that all is well for you.


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  1. I love her imagination, even if it is more boyish than not. It's probably a good thing that there is only 1 queen/princess in the house anyhow... that would be YOU!

    I'm guessing that some days are harder than you let on, but you have a great outlook on it all. Thank you for posting your "moments" with us.