Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Definitely Not a Nurse

I am looking at a freshly scrubbed little girl...finally. She smells so sweet. It seems like it has been weeks from her last shower but it has been less than a week. A tough week but a week nonetheless. She has been sitting and laying for most of that week and her hair was beginning to resemble something from a horror flick. I am glad to see her able to get up and around. In order to give her a bath, Bart and I had to set a little chair in the tub, set her down, listen to her beller and then thoroughly wash her. Well, as thoroughly as one can scrub a child with a broken leg and hip that cannot get wet. I think that she thought we were going to hurt her. The whole time, she kept saying, "Don't get me wet... Ouch! You get me wet."

To which we questioned, "Does it hurt?"

"No. Ouch!" she answered.

"You goon!"

That was my reply. She needs to have her hip wrapped yet before she goes to bed. Then she will have a reason to holler...

She has received a lot of gifts, letters and regards. They bring a lot of joy to her. Our thanks to all of you. It is nice to be remembered.

Using the restroom has turned into quite an ordeal, so I am quite bound to my young charge. Thank Heavens I love this. I have to admit though that it has become very clear why I did not pursue a nursing career. In the span of the three days that she has been home, I have bashed her broken leg against numerous door frames, cupboards and once into the door of the car. I have pulled her pants up over her hip (without thinking) quickly and caused great pain. Definitely not the gentle touch that is required to excel in that field.

She and her daddy are working Physical Therapy on her leg as I write. She did better this morning but I think that she is tired and not willing to work. As soon as he finished with her she grabbed him around the neck and said, "Kiss me baby," as she puckered up movie style. Is it any wonder that she has him wrapped around her little finger? On the other hand, she kept me up all night. I guess you see where I rank. Hopefully she will be so tired that she will sleep tonight. Perhaps a shot of the right med would help with that. She has schmoozed me into sleeping on the floor beside her (she is on the sofa.) The first night I thought that I might not get off the floor but since then my husband brought me a mattress. Whew... At least I don't have to drag myself off the floor in the morning.

She does look worn out. Sleeping with me at her beck and call hasn't helped her though it has definitely made her dreams come true. She has had an eye on that sofa since she came here. She continues to amaze me with her ability to bounce back. She is a fun kid with a good heart wrapped in a whole lot of...well, something.

Pray for her as she is in recovery. She is not a sitter so all of this time is going to drive her nuts and she will offer me the same courtesy.


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  1. What a good momma and daddy! You guys are doing a great job...hang in there. Jacie is going to grow up and thank you for all you've done to help her. She must be miserable!! Thanks for the posts and the pictures...very interesting. I'm glad to know that you get to sleep on a mattress now...the floor is so hard! Praise God that she is doing so well. Bless you all.