Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Them's Fightin' Words

I am finally sitting outside in the sunshine while writing today. The birds are chirping and it actually feels like Spring...well, feels might be pushing it. In order to sit outside I have on a lot of clothes and the wind still nips at my nose periodically. It is worth it though. I cannot stand to be cooped up too long. I believe that our favorite stinker is feeling cooped up as well. She is grouchy. Not only that but in a fighting mood as well. Every time that I suggest that we go outside for a walk I hear, "No ma, it's cold."

She is right, it is chilly. And she cannot put a sock or pants on her left leg. Unfortunately, blankets let in air so...I guess she'll have to suffer it out inside. If the weather would break, I would feel more comfortable getting her out. Next week, we are going on a road trip to watch her brother show horses in Kentucky. Hopefully it is warmer there and she and I can walk the Horse Park while the boys do there 'horsey stuff'. I think that it will be a good break for her from our sofa. She is doing well though. I finally weaned her off the hard meds. They were reeking havoc on her system. Her pain has been harder to control but she is more comfortable otherwise. She also has begun to eat again. It took her a while. I think that the codeine made her stomach a little upset because I could get her to eat nothing. She just wasn't interested. It is slowly picking up.

Tonight we will go to war. I have decided that I am moving back into my own bed (which is about five feet from the sofa she is sleeping on.) She will not be happy. At this point, I can barely walk because my back hurts so bad from sleeping on the mattress on the floor. I just can't find a comfortable place. So in order to preserve my sanity...and back, I am leaving her bedside. She will probably take my place on the mattress. It will be the first time since she came nine months ago that she will sleep on her own bed. Hehehe...She doesn't even realize. I was the first person to sleep on her new mattress. Hopefully she will enjoy the experience and be able to move into her room in the future. I am not holding my breath. I do know that when we move, she must sleep in her room as there is no room for the little green cot in the hallway. I would think that she would need a more solid, comfortable sleeping surface anyway. I know that I do...

She has taught herself to swing from her wheelchair into a sitting position on the sofa. This is no easy task with a broken leg and hip but she seems to have mastered it. Part of me is glad to see her adapting so well. The other part of me fears that she will injure the leg or hip or both and require a new surgery. I watch her like a hawk. She just doesn't realize it. That way she is happy and I am also. It cracks me up how much like her mama she is. The word stubborn just doesn't cut it.

I wish I wasn't so tired. I feel like I have been pulled through a ringer. I am not certain if it is from the two nights in a row without sleep or the sleeping on the floor but I think that I could sleep for a week. Seriously. Yet, laundry doesn't do itself and the dishes continue to mock me. So I guess I better get at it.

Continue to remember her as she adjusts to her lack of mobility and freedom. She is definitely not a fan. Though I can't say that she minds getting gifts and cards everyday. She said, "It's because people love me."

To which I replied, "Yes, they sure do."


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