Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Our Feet Again

Her second walk of the day. This was so much better than the first and she smiled, she hasn't done that much. She has never been one to resist the camera.
This is the above the growth plate on the left leg. They had to break both bones in the leg to set it in the position they wanted.

This is the left hip. The top screw is quite the beast if you ask me. All of this in a size 6 girl. You can see what the original angle is and how far they moved her bone after they broke it.

A lot has happened in a short time today. Jacie walked (using a walker) all the way down the hall. She did not want to. I don't blame her. The early session (her first time out of bed) was very painful. She cried and screamed. I knew that it hurt but had very little that I could do except to step back and watch...well and snap a photo or two. As badly as it hurt her to get out of bed, she has now been out for four hours. This has given her time to go to the children's playroom and take a couple of wheelchair trips down the hallways. In between her two Physical Therapy sessions, she insisted on staying in the wheelchair. She knew that if she got back into bed, they would make her get out again. She is a smart cookie. She also used the toilet with her walker. This morning after they took out her catheter, she was so disgusted that they made her use a bed pan. "Yuck ma," she said, "This is gross."

The minute that she got clearance to go to the bathroom, she wanted to go. I knew she had been holding it. The Physical Therapy nurse is talking about Jacie going home tomorrow. Wow! That is a whole day early. For all of the work that she had done, they said she is doing amazing. Having said that, they need her to eat (she has not had anything of substance since the surgery) and she needs to get off her IV pain meds. It could take a little bit for her to be willing to let those pain meds go. The first thing she says when she sees her nurse is, "Do you have more medicine for me?"
I am blessed that she has been so covered by prayer. She does have a journey ahead of her yet but I know that she is strong and that we serve a good God.

She received a gift from her aunt and uncle and one from the church. She loved them both. They made her feel special. Thanks for coming with us on this journey. Check back tonight and I will post some pics.


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