Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Friday, March 18, 2011

Time is Going Slowly

Today is D-day, or S-day if you will. Jacie has been in surgery for about an hour. She was so disappointed when we brought her in. I think that she thought we would change our mind. Nice try, sister...

On the way out of the house, she stopped me and asked again, "I no have surgery, okay?"

She broke my heart. Part of the reason I am so sappy is that I was so nervous for her I only slept about an hour last night. I am completely exhausted.

She did make us laugh though. She was fascinated with the call button for the nurse's station...and she is awful cute. So they [she and the nurse] ended up playing a game that she could call her and the nurse would run to the station and talk to her. They have been great up here. Each person who has come in contact with her has been very conscious of her past and very helpful. She did panic when they drew blood. I think it was her nerves. Once they finished, she resumed her normal self. What a funny gal.

When Dr. Nowicki came in he got the surprise of his life. She actually talked to him. This is one of the first times I have ever heard her talk to him and look him in the eye. We figured that it was because they had pre-drugged her in order t put her to sleep without making her panic. The medicine they gave her left her awake but Dr. N said that she would remember nothing of the day. When they had her drink it, she started wiggling and squirming, "Yuck, yuck," she said very dramatically. Too funny. She even got the nurse to give her a sip of water. I tell you what, stick by that kid, she can get anything out of anybody.

Dr. N said that they have added another break in the leg in order to fully rotate it to the degree that her needs. So she will have a broken hip and leg in two places. Not very fun for a little one but we will work it out.

Yesterday it was so nice outside. What a gift. Though I really [and I mean really] should have been at home cleaning, I took her and the googas [brothers] to the park. She had such a great time. She was rolling down the hills and giggling. I loved it. I was too tired to join in so I just laid in the sun and watched them play. Even Loren rolled down the hills with her. It was a good day. I knew that I would have to stay up late to compensate but how worth it...

She should be out of surgery by 2 pm our time. I will try to keep you updated.


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  1. katelyn wanted to say that she hopes everything goes well...well this is what she said when i prompted her if she wantedddd to say anything. know we re thinking of you!!