Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama

I have been trying to sneak in a post for almost a week and finally tonight I had the chance to sit down with the computer. That was almost an hour ago and I am just getting started in my blogging. The reason? My favorite Asian princess brought me a book that she won today and wanted it read to her. You would have thought that I would have reacted with excitement...

It is hard for me to admit that I had to remind myself that reading to her is much more important than blogging. Now that I have read her, Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig, I am free to tell you that I am excited that she had an interest in reading. Really excited. We had a great time today at Barnes and Noble. She did their summer reading program and needed to turn in her paperwork. They give a free book to each child that reads eight books. I have always loved that they had such a great program to encourage kids to read. The boys have done it for years and are aging out this year. Barnes and Noble has always been a store of pleasure for my family. Jacie is beginning to follow suit with that. When we were there, she enjoyed picking her free book, then I let her get another book about Phineas and Ferb. She enjoys that cartoon and the book included directions on how to draw each character. She loves to draw. I have to admit, I am a little bit of a spoiler when it comes to her. Not on the important things- like being polite and not beating up random children. But I do let her get things often. I think that I was like that with the boys to a degree. I think...

Today I let her get a pack of bubble gum at the store. I said to her, "You are spoiled."

The lady behind the counter smiled.

I said to Jacie, "Tell the nice lady what you are.." Then I laughed too.

Jacie put on a huge smile and said sweetly, "I am spoiled."

The lady loved it. The guy behind her did too. I tell you what, there is never a dull moment in my life with this little lady around. What a crazy kid.

She is struggling with going to bed again. We seem to go in cycles. I think that this one was triggered by the fact that when we went camping, she slept on a cot in our 'room.' The first night that we were home, she cried and cried when I made her go to her cot. Yes, I said cot. She is still sleeping on the little green cot between the boys' rooms. With the height that she has gained in the past thirteen months, her feet hang over a little but she seems content to let them. It makes me think of the cartoon characters that are too large for their beds.

Speaking of feet- she continues with Physical Therapy. She is gaining some strength and mobility but continues to hyper-extend her knee. They are thinking of recommending her for a knee brace. This would help her to hold her knee correctly and hopefully train her muscles. I'll let you know how it goes. I know that she won't be a fan.

She won't be a fan of her morning activity tomorrow either. Nothing cruel or unusual- just a trip to the dentist. I mentioned previously that she has eight cavities and is in need of braces. We are getting one filled tomorrow and going from there. I have to spread out the visits for her sake and the sake of my pocketbook. All of her medical comes out of pocket.

She is excitedly awaiting moving to the new house. I am not sure how she will do being in a room by herself. Yet, if she comes down to the sofa- she will be by herself as well. Just another hurtle we will have to jump through in the coming weeks. Uhhmmm...

Yesterday the boys were helping their dad by shoveling stones. Not to be outdone, she pitched right in. The shovel was bigger than she was. It reminded me of the day last summer that we were loading pigs and she came out with a hockey stick to lend a hand. She is not one to sit on the sidelines. Well, unless you ask her to clean up after herself- then she acts as if she is being forced into child labor for hours at a time. Drama, drama, drama.

This week I am going to attempt to teach her to sew. I am wondering at my own sanity in undertaking such an endeavor. She will love it though. I am certain of that. We have been so busy with so little time for girl projects, I want to focus on a couple. So, we are starting with an apron. It is for Christmas cookie baking with the family. She will enjoy having it around the holidays.

She is a delight. I enjoy her sense of humor and what she has brought to our family. The boys are adjusting to their roles in her life. At times, I have a semblance of hope that this group of kids that we have thrust together will be a family. I then try to remember that hope as I watch them struggle within their relationships with each other. It is a difficult journey that requires much more than I could have imagined but it is good. For that I am grateful. Daily.

~Camo Pants

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  1. i enjoy hearing about your life. i had really wanted to adopt some chinese kids since they have a special place in my heart. it just amazes me how she adjusted to life in the us so quickly.

    i remembered that you had asked if we were doing fundraisers for our adoptions and there is one this weekend. we are selling tickets for a cow drop that we are doing with the wickey's from our church. if you want you can check it out on my blog http://thisismycrazylaugh.blogspot.com/