Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

"I Will Never Show a Pig Again"

One of my latest blogs talked about how Jacie was banking on showing pigs for the fair next year. Guess what? Oh, you'll never get it so in lieu of waiting all day I will just tell you- she showed her first pig yesterday! And her daddy let her.

The boys took their pigs and goats to a show this weekend. Jacie was a lot of help loading and unloading the animals. I have said before that I am amazed at how quickly she adapted to farm life. I am grateful for that. I am not certain what I would have done if all of our activities scared her and left her crying in the corner. Anyway, when I checked the boys in that morning, I found out that Jacie could show one of their pigs and goats at her own level. I asked her if she was interested. She replied, "No. I not know what to do."

I said, "Well, go in their and find out. You can show Loren's goat (she loves Loren's goat.)"

One of our dear friends lent her a show shirt and she was in business- I think that she loved the shirt more than the showing. After getting the shirt on and tucked in, it was three sizes too big, she asked, "Ma, you buy me one of these shirts?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Okay" she said (making the hang loose sign with both hands,) "Let's do this..."

I laughed so hard. Leave it to Jacie to come up with a statement like that. She did really well with the goat showmanship. Of course she had no idea what she was doing. None. Yet, she watched the other kids and began to pick up the basics. She was so proud when she came out with her participation ribbon.

"I get second place or third?" she questioned.

"In my book, you got first," I answered. I think that she actually got last~

She was extremely satisfied with her performance. Then came the pigs. I must interject that pigs are not my friends. We have spent the summer trying to tame these creatures. If you would like to read about the Great Pig Capers check out my other blog, The Summer in the Garden @ http://www.thesummerinthegarden.blogspot.com/. This blog began as a relational journey I was taking with my children while spending the summer in the garden with them. Later in the summer I jokingly renamed it, The Summer of the Weeds. Now I think it could rightly be called The Summer in the Pigpen. Check it out if you are interested.

So the boys showed their pigs in showmanship and we tried to pick the kindest, most gentle pig to send her in with. Uhhmm...

Her pig spent almost the whole time trying to climb out of the holding pen. I wish that I were kidding. It was squealing (like a stuck pig, if you will.) Her daddy ended up pulling her out of the pen and having her stand behind it and the judge sent her out of the show ring- the pig was so loud and bad. Go figure. She came back to the barn carrying her prize (which was a bucket) and said, "I no like pigs. They need to be gentle. I like to show goat. I will never show a pig again."

We'll see if that sticks. The boys make pretty good money selling their pigs- the money may talk fairly loudly to her as she gets older. She looked so much older when she was showing. I know that she came as an older child but she was so young in her mind that it seemed that she came young. It has not taken her long to catch up and become the nine year old that she is. I have to admit. Yesterday when she was in the show arena with the other eight and nine year olds, she looked so small. She was one of the oldest in the class and by far the smallest. That didn't seem to stop her. She moved that goat around like a pro and really tried to show that nasty pig. Even I was impressed and I have seen many kids show.

She has the detail orientation that makes for a good showman- she just lacks the practice. Most, if not all of the kids in her class, have been showing since they were little. They have been entered in pee-wee classes and beginner classes for years. She is nine so she starts in Novice. If anybody can handle it- she can.

It was a really good day. It was hot. Very hot. Yet, Jacie had the time of her life. She spent a half an hour spraying the pigs with the hose when we got home so that they wouldn't overheat. Pigs don't sweat so they need help getting cool. She said as she was standing in the hot, hot humidity, "I don't want them to die."

"Interesting" I thought, "When you came out of the show ring, you were singing a different tune."

She is quite the character and I have enjoyed the journey so far. She continues to grow and develop. ~I am grateful.

~Camo Pants

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