Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Moonlight Blogger

Tonight, I am sitting in the dark looking out the window at the moon and eating cookies. Yeah... It doesn't get much deeper than that.

No really. I am relaxing. The kids are relaxing and Bart is...well... working. It doesn't seem fair that I get to sit while he has to work. BUT somebody has to blog~

Jacie has been doing well. She is just getting over being sick. I call it the 'fair crud.' Most everyone gets it around this time of year. She has not been very excited about that. It has also has made her very emotional. So, every night she cries because she is scared of the dark. I am not certain what put us back on this plane except for the fact that she slept in the camper with all of us at fair. The good thing that has come out of these late nights is that she is beginning to rely on prayer. She asked me to pray for her amidst her tears. I helped her to pray and she went to sleep. The next night- same thing. She was also very excited to go to church. I am glad that she is beginning to understand God and Jesus. For awhile there I was worried that we weren't doing enough to help her understand. I was really between a rock and a hard place when it came to explaining things. Her language is truly a barrier but to anyone outside of our family 'circle,' she sounds and looks like she is completely fluent.

She is going through a hard phase right now. It is difficult to explain where she is. She struggles with knowing where she is and how much she knows. Like any other nine year old- she knows everything. It does make things hard because she doesn't understand that just because she has seen someone else do whatever it is, that doesn't mean she knows how to do it. Unfortunately, she pushes at times until I have to get after her. Then she cries terribly because she thinks that I don't like her. It is quite the dilemma. I know that time and maturity will help but wow- until then. I hope that we both make it.

She is looking forward to learning to read. I am not certain how much she will enjoy the work that has to go into learning but I know that she will be glad when she can read that Phineas and Ferb magazine that she totes around. Hopefully it is enough of a motivator.

I am amazed at the progress that she has made in Physical Therapy. It is kind of a hassle to go three days a week to it but I see the benefits. I do pity her therapist- she deserves combat pay. Jacie is so ADD and hyper. Dong various exercises with her is like working with a bowl full of Jello. I am sure she goes home exhausted everyday that she has Jacie...

Jacie is my little sweetheart though. She is always with me and has designated herself as my helper. She wants to carry my purse, carry my bags and close my door behind me. Today she got so hasty in her role that she actually closed me into the door. Thank heavens she didn't hurt me. She continues to grow and develop daily. I am truly blessed~

~Camo Pants

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