Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Darth Maul or a T-Shirt?

In order to actually be able to think and blog at the same time, I have resorted to getting up very early, sneaking to the kitchen for a glass of water and finding my computer before the children get up. It is a sad but true fact that the older I get- the less concentration I have. I simply cannot think with children pounding on my door, pounding through the house...pounding in my head. I think I have a theme here...

Jacie continues to do well. She enjoyed our trip to the city last week. Bart and I took all of the kids in to the museum, Lego store and American Girl. It was such a pleasant day! I have to say though that everyone else must have agreed because the sheer amount of people in the aquarium and the stores was amazing.

I had to laugh at Jacie though. The Lego Store and the American Girl Place are right next door to each other. So we first went to the Legos. She picked a couple of sets that she wanted. Well, usually we let the kids get a LITTLE something for kicks. She brought me $100. worth of stuff. I said, "Well, Jacie, you haven't been to the American Girl Place yet. Why don't we walk over there and then you can decide."

Over there she picked another $100. worth of stuff. What a little spender. Imagine her surprise when I said, "You have exactly $25. to spend."

That is when the dilemma started. Should she get the matching t-shirts from American Girl for her and Ivy? Or should she get one of the Lego sets she wanted? I really thought that she would lean toward the matching t-shirts because she carried Ivy with her all day, even through the aquarium. It did not take her long to pick the Lego set. I should not have been surprised as the set had a Darth Maul mini figure in it. She likes the American Girl Place but she loves the Lego Store. And she likes Ivy...but she loves Darth Maul. What a character!

She is doing well with her school. Everyday I see developments in her comprehension. That is good because I was afraid that we would just sit in one place and never move for awhile. This slow moving train can be hard on us (all of my personalities) who struggle with patience.

Speaking of patience, she is truly wearing on mine about this leg brace. She does not like it and it rubs on her skin. So many, many times a day this is what I hear, "Can I take it off now, mom?"

This is my standard reply, "No."

Okay, so I am a woman of few words...

Her standard answer back? "Can I take it off now?"

Over and over until I am so tired by the time it is time for bed that I cannot keep my eyes open. The sad thing is that I cannot make it easier for her. She must learn to wear it. She will get used to it- it will just take time and patience. In the patience arena, she did not fall far from her mother's tree.

Continue to think of Jacie as we move toward her surgery. She has had a lot of pain in her lower left leg and swelling. This swelling has made it so she hobbles instead of walks. It looks painful.

~Camo Pants

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