Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy Weekends and Magic Shoes

The PT scheduled for Friday was cancelled and rescheduled for today. So...we are still waiting to figure out exactly what direction we are going to take for her recovery. She is doing some independent walking. I have been trying to convince her not to walk unless she is able to do it using her knee correctly. She is doing great!

I have to admit that she has struggled with a lot of pain. I knew that it would be like that because she had such a hard time getting back on her feet after the last surgery. On Saturday, I had her in 5 different pairs of shoes and the walking cast. It was very hard to find something that didn't cause her pain. In my frustration, I went to the local family owned shoe store and had her try on shoes. I told Bart, "We are just looking- not buying."

Wrong. We bought. I love the shoe that we fit her for. She is able to walk in it without pain. There is no lift, no orthopedic insoles. She is now able to walk independently- some. She [at least] is willing to try. Before I couldn't get her to because both of her feet hurt. This 'magic' shoe has a very stable heel base and a movable front. They work for her! Thank heavens. I thought that we would talk shoes for the rest of her life. Realistically, we probably will but for now- we have hit a home run in this arena.

I am going to try to get them to teach her to walk without a lift because when the lift is added, she loses shoe flexibility. The rigidity of the lift has caused the swelling that I am noticing in her left leg. I am convinced that given a regaining of strength in her left side, she can be taught to hold her left leg correctly without the past hyper-extension.

She did ride her horse this weekend. She loved it. At this point, we do not have a working saddle for it. I am on the hunt. I have a picture of her falling off as well. Too funny! The horse was amazing. He let the little girls ride and tug on his mane. He deserves a medal in my book. She also shot gun with her daddy, took a nap and rode in the horse cart. I love weekends that allow for the relaxed, easygoing life. I am hoping for a summer filled with it.

I am blessed everyday. Continue to pray for Jacie as she makes her recovery. She is willing to work but afraid to hurt. I don't blame her.

~Camo Pants

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