Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little Break Dancing

I write this post especially for my brother who emailed me recently and said, "Hey, lady- we want some news."

I don't blame him because he has heard a lot of things trickling down but no confirmation. So here is his confirmation.

It is hard to believe that last week I posted that we were going to be in Mary Free Bed rehabilitation hospital for 2-3 more weeks and by Thursday night we were home for good. It is true. There are several reasons that Bart and I decided to pull her out of MFB and start her in outpatient therapy. First and foremost, my family was suffering. As much as Jacie needs care- I also have a Jared that breathes with 50% of his lungs at home and who needs [some] monitoring.

Having said that- Jacie was regressing so badly in MFB that I could barely stand to watch. I will go on record saying that the therapists were phenomenal. The biggest problem? She didn't need inpatient treatment. Her days consisted of getting up and watching TV until an OT came to help her get dressed. I think I told you before that she does not need assistance in that area at all. Then she would have1 hour of PT. This was great. The PT was very thorough but after that hour, she watched TV or played games for awhile. Then she had OT again and 1/2 hour of PT. Then a 2 hour lunch  which mainly consisted of her lying in bed watching TV while eating. Afternoons were similar but a little less activities and she was normally done by 3pm. Then she wanted to crawl into bed again. Jacie is way to able to get in the mindset that she needs to be in bed for rest that often.

MFB is a great rehab hospital. It is set up to help people who have experienced trauma. Jacie simply needs gait work. She needs to strengthen her left side and use her knee correctly. We have a wonderful PT about 15 minutes away that we have used in the past so Jacie will not miss a beat in her 'recovery.' So she is now in outpatient therapy and this mom is pleased.

When I told Jacie that we were going home, she actually began to work harder. By that I mean that within an hour of being told, she was down on the ground doing the runner's stretch using both legs. Since we have come home, she has walked up and down the stairs several times, went out with her walker to feed her goat and danced with our exchange student without her walker. She is not strong yet but I see her strength getting better as her mindset changes.

I have to backtrack and say, "Yes, you did read right- Jacie danced."

It was so funny. She and I went up to the school for the Grand March at Ying's prom. We were a little early so Ying asked her to go out on the floor with all of the Chinese exchange students. When I turned to talk to another parent and looked back, Jacie was on the floor doing a little break dancing. I wish that I was kidding. That turned into the worm and finally she was done. I tell you what, I think this kid's got something. I know that she will actually recover faster by being home because her brothers are able to do a lot more than her and the only thing holding her back is strength. She can't stand to have them go on without her.

Since I have been home, we have done a lot. First, we went to the homeschool convention where I spoke about adoption. This was such a blessing. I would love to do it again if you need a speaker. www.journeytoathousandtomorrows.com Notice the plug???

Saturday Ying had prom and I did a lot of running to Burr Oak and back. By Sunday, I was wasted. I slept all afternoon and got up at 10 pm. By 10:30 pm, I was sleeping again. I forgot to mention that at MFB, Jacie was a patient so she got patient treatment. Every night, a nurse woke us up about 3 times. EVERY NIGHT. So I have about 9 nights of sleep to make-up.

For the most part, Jacie is doing well. She struggles a little in the areas that I saw regression. Such as, she is convinced that she needs help with everything. This is simply not true. I make her work and she proves to herself that she is able. She whines a lot now. Maybe that is an age thing? I have never raised a 10 year old girl.

We continue to plug forward on this journey. I am not certain of everything but trust that God knows the exact direction we should take. I am blessed.

~Camo Pants

BTW- If Jacie's neighbors at MFB read this, we are praying- everyday.

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