Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, May 6, 2012

She Will Live Fully

 I did not get a chance to post last night because I have been obsessively reading to Jacie. I think that she is bored...

The good part about this is that I wanted her to be interested in reading and could never get her to sit long enough. She always wanted the television or to play. Now she is addicted to the Magic Tree House books. We brought 2 and have bought 7 so far since Wednesday. We have 1 1/2 left o go before we need to visit the Barnes and Noble (BN) for more. I love it!

We did go to BN last night when were out getting our pedicures. I have never had a pedicure before. Pretty nice~ I went ahead and had them give me a manicure too because I will not be home before I speak at the INCH convention and knew that my nails looked pretty bad. I have never had a manicure either. I guess it is true- I do not get out much!

Jacie was a little leery about taking her shoes off in front of the lady and letting her touch her feet. "My feet are different," she said.

I didn't let that stop her and she loved it. The young lady that had her was quite good and helped her get around well. Jacie loved it. She chose blue/blue sparkles. How cute. The lady that was doing my feet was quite interested in Jacie's story. It didn't seem to bother Jacie that I told about it. She is pretty easygoing. Anyway, the lady was from Vietnam and had a nephew that was sick. I am not certain how but she said it was so difficult to get health care in Vietnam. When she finished with my manicure she said, "You take good care of her."

How sweet.

Today is a low-key day for Jacie. She only has one OT and one PT. I wish they were this morning so that we would have all day with her dad but they are this afternoon. The nurse said she has never seen such a light schedule- ever. She was worried. I guess I will not worry and enjoy more time off.

This afternoon, we are going to the movies. The kids have been waiting for a particular movie to come out and it did on Friday. This should be fun. I am looking forward to not going to the movies and just enjoying myself with myself. As much as I am enjoying the 'girl party every night' mentality- I really could use a break. That is what the two hours of movie time will give me.

On the whole, Jacie is doing well. She gets a little bored with the OT but does what they say. I think that she feels like the activities are [sometimes] babyish. I haven't noticed that they are. She simply needs to entertain herself during them so she makes jokes, teases and otherwise drives the OT crazy~ but they all love her. Every one of them has said, "She is a real treat. I love her."

PT is going well too. She is learning to put weight on her left hip and leg. It makes me happy to hear the buzz of the sensor because that means that she is doing what she is supposed to. I just hope that she will eventually transfer all that she has learned to being able to do it without the beep. I know that comes with time.

Last night when I finally got Jacie to sleep and had 2 minutes to catch my breathe, I thought about why I have such lofty goals for Jacie and I figured it out. I have always heard stories about children born with adversity- the child born with only one hand, the boy born without fingers, the kids born with crooked feet. Those children in my stories lead normal lives. Their parents never saw them as having limitations- only opportunities. The girl without a second hand? Her mother made her learn how to slice potatoes. Is that mean? She is an adult now and says that it was the BEST thing that her mother ever gave her. She made her work. She made her figure it out. The boys born without fingers? He played piano all through his childhood. Why? It stretched him. The kid born with crooked feet? He ran a marathon.

I saw all of these experiences. I know that they are true. The marathon runner beat me- he was strong and able and VERY clubfoot. The piano player? I grew up with him. The potato slicer? Played high school softball successfully and led her team to state. Yup, that's what I want for my girl. Everything. I refuse to tell her that she needs to be bound in order to live fully.

She will live fully.

I will make sure of it.

~Camo Pants

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