Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ahhh...Jesus, She's Ahh Died?

Jacie has asked question after question today. There is so much that she wants to know.


She is beginning to realize that there is 'more' to Christmas than Santa and presents. I am not sure how long it will take her to understand fully but not for lack of questioning...


She started asking after church. I believe that they probably talked about the Christmas story in Children's meeting.


While I was washing dishes, she walked over and said, "Ahhh...Jesus, she's ahh died?"


"Yes, Jesus died."


"Why she die?"


"The people did not believe in him."


"Oh, the people were naughty and shoot her?"


I have to break in here and tell you that I began to sweat a little here. She does not understand enough English to do this story justice and we (Bart and I) were intentionally not getting too into the actual story this year...


Back to the dish washing conversation:


"No, they didn't shoot him. They had not guns."


"Oh, I see. They were not her friends so they kill her?"




"Daddy say, 'She come back to life.' How?"


I was really sweating by now.


"God brought him back to life."


"God, Jesus friend?"




Bart and I are exchanging glances at this time...


At this, Jacie ran to Bart and said, "Jesus, she's died. Naughty people shoot her. God her friend and bring her back to life. God hungry..."


I had to laugh at the last comment. It ties back to her question about why the people in church were singing about being hungry...


Not only was I confused on how to do these questions proper justice, she was confused by my answers. Very difficult situation.


I wanted to be open to her questions but I know that she does not understand English well enough to explain why God isn't hungry like she is. So when she seemed satisfied enough. I sent her outside to sled and 4-wheel with her brothers.


She had a ball. Her daddy tied a sled on the back of the 4-wheeler and pulled each kid (or victim) behind him. When riding behind the 4-wheeler,the tires throw a lot of snow all over the rider. That snow, mixed with the near blizzard winds, made for a very cold play time.


She slid down the hills on a sled for a while then went into the house to warm-up. When she was warm, she came back out wearing a full-size helmet with face guard. She was ready for another ride. Too cute. She is definitely smart. She could barely walk with that big helmet on and all of the snow. She probably couldn't see well either.


Her walking in the snow is not very good.


This was pretty funny. She rode on the sled behind Bart many times. He was careful and never dumped her off. I took over and within the first minute, I dumped her head first into the snow...


This came as a surprise to her but not to the boys. They remember the many times that I pulled them around behind the 4-wheeler on tubes, slamming them into trees and people. They have the good sense not to ride with me at the 'wheel.' I suppose given time, she will learn the same lesson but until then...hand over the keys and hold on tight this 4-wheeling momma will give you a ride.




BTW: Jacie has decided not to sit on Santa's lap. She says that they are not real. She would rather meet the 'real' one and bum a ride in his sleigh.

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