Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Frenchy Eyes and Ah...and Ah Coke

We are in such a unique position as a family. Being an analyzer, I am just as interested in the process as the result. Of course, the result of a stable, fully functional adult is the main goal but I have found the whole process, though intimidating, quite intriguing.


Today, Jacie talked a lot about China. In the Wal-Mart, she said, "China Ma, have..." then she took her fingers and showed 'big hair'. I said, "China Ma had big hair?" While asking, I motioned to my head. "Yes," she replied. That doesn't surprise me because a lot of the women curled their hair on the top of their heads. She also told me that China Ma and Ba are 'dead'. While saying this, she made the face like someone had died...


She went on, in the Walmart, telling me that China Ma and Ba no say, "Jacie, naughty. " They like Jacie. Ma and Ba (Bart and I) say , "No." They no like Jacie...


With her naughty fingers...I find that very hard to believe. When she wanted something, she looked at me and said, "In China, Jacie want everything...and China Ma and Ba...buy Jacie everything."




I remember picking up a child who had nothing but the clothes on her back.


I have been listening intently to all of her "in China' comments. At Sam's Club, she said, "I like here...no...this in China." Then pointed at all the Christmas lights and decorations that are beginning to fill up the shelves...


Unfortunately, she does not understand that she can be very harsh and mean with her comments. She told the boys that 'her China brother was big and strong but not..." then made the motion of round at the belly. It is hard to explain to her that her brothers are already taller than most Asian grown men and are not finished growing. They are in the 'process' at twelve. With all of the holes in her language base, it would do little good to try and explain. I just try to help the boys understand.


She also continues to smell EVERYTHING, obsessively. Today, she smelled my hair and said, "Yuck." Not being in the position to smell it, I have to assume that it did not meet to her approval. Having washed it today, I am not worried but I struggle with the ability to correct her. As her language develops...some meanness has surfaced. It is nothing that is unexpected...just a step in a long process of identifying herself in her new surroundings and family.


A positive and quite funny occurrence that ties into her language acquisition happened today at McDonalds. While pulling into the driveway, her voice rung out, loud and clear, "Ima want Frenchy Eyes and ah...and ah...Coke." That sure cracked us up. As much as I like McDonald's French fries...Frenchy Eyes took away a little of their appeal. ~Angie

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