Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh No, You Just Didn't

Jacie's personality is starting to become more recognizable daily. She is beginnig to have a voice and it is fun to see it.


Here is an example. Today when she and I went to the store a baby (toddler) came running at her. Jacie kind of shied away from the baby but the baby persisted. When the baby reached Jacie, she (the baby) reached out and patted Jacie saying, "Baby, baby..."


Well, to say the least, Jacie was not impressed with being called a baby. She backed away from the child and came to me to go. I tried to explain the the girl with the baby that Jacie did not understand English, etc. Anyway, all through the store I could hear Jacie muttering (loudly), "BABY, BABY?!?! Jacie, no baby. Jacie, big (then she would show big with her hands.) Baby little (hand motion showing little.) Jacie, no baby. Baby naughty."


Oh, did I laugh. She did this the whole time I was shopping. I ended up calling Bart and letting him listen in on her tirade. Which is exactly what she was having...a fit.


When we got to the van, where my mother was waiting, Jacie went to her and told her the whole story, in exactly the same words. Except that when she told my mom, she looked so indignant with her arms just a waving and her eyes were so big that it started me laughing all over again...


It is hard to believe how offended she was by this little tiny child. By her reaction and others, I am reassured of her attention to detail...another Loren...


She also has discovered the fine art of garage saling. She raked in the goods today...dolls and books, clothes and school supplies. She loved every minute. I told her we were going to need a U-Haul to get home. One thing that we found was a rocket sprinkler. When you turn the water on below, the rocket shoots high into the air. She and Jared loved playing with that this afternoon. They both came in drenched and laughing. They make a good pair.


On the sweeter side, Jacie made Ba a gift today. She decorated a postcard with stickers and asked me to write, "I Love You, Ba." She then wrote that on the postcard. She wrapped it up in an envelope with eleven cents from her wallet. Then she found one of my old gift bags wrapped it again, taped it shut and in big letters wrote BA across it. It is hanging on the doorknob waiting for him to come home. I know that he will love it...Angie

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