Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one Little American...Eskimo

These hot days of summer are good for some things...namely swimming, watching movies in the late afternoon and eating cold sandwiches washed down with iced lemonade. Does that sound picturesque? Yeah, it probably would be except the house is cluttered and dirty, the lawn needs to be clipped and the kids are wearing the last of their clean clothes...


Having said that, it is the perfect time to let the house go and focus on the kids. Being a little busy (understatement) has helped to take the pressure of the initial few weeks off. With Jacie being so very portable, she has been with us through all of our 4-H endeavors, which are largely what we do in the summer...mixed in with our swimming. It helps to be able to involve her right away to cut down on the uncomfortable, awkward moments that spring up when building relationships.


She went to the doctor today. After travelling to China and visiting the doctor with her there, I did not know how to explain that we were going to the doctor...but it wasn't like anything that she knew. So I didn't tell her. She did great until they tried to draw blood...well, she did great through that as well but they could not find her veins and she cried. I thought that my heart would break. So I did what any parent would do. I promised her ice cream (using charades...) I am sure that was something to see. At times I wish I could stand outside of my life and watch and laugh...everyone else gets to.


I know that they were laughing later on today. At a garage sale, Jacie and I found a pair of winter boots for her. They were really cool and a good brand and best of all cheap...they were at a friend's garage sale, so we bought them. Tonight when we went to get Jared from class (he is taking Hunter's safety) she wanted to wear them... Yeah, I know we are cool. So here she is in little pink shorts, a loose t-shirt and knee high Keen fur-lined boots. I thought, well we aren't going to see anyone, right? We aren't even getting out of the van. Wrong...


We stopped for pizza on the way home. What a picture we must have made. A little Asian girl in shorts and winter boots, on a ninety degree day; walking hand-in-hand with her older brother who is Black and a short little white mama following behind chuckling at the display that her family was making...

No wonder people call us the United Nations Family. I just didn't realize that we had an Eskimo too...Angie

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