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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Waiter...There's an Octopus in my Soup!

So...We are quite depressed after reading our own blogs about how miserable we are. Really, it's not that bad. We expected to have hard days and today was it. It was just long and hot...


We had a great evening though. A storm blew in some cooler weather so when we went to the Ramen Noodle Place, we really enjoyed our walk. Little Miss seems to be in a good mood. She walks with all of us and is engaging me regularly. She asked me to watch a movie with her tonight. She willingly changed her clothes for bed...she had spilled dinner all over her pretty little dress. She does not like to be dirty, so it was not difficult to get her out of it. I will wash it and have it ready in the morning, in case she wants to wear it.


She has to be the funniest little creature on earth. She sings to herself while she walks and dances to the tunes in her own little head. She dances so much that she trips herself...


She is a terrific tease. Sneaking around corners and scaring everyone. She jumps on you (even me) randomly to scare you. She took her floaties from the pool and engaged Bart in a boxing match. Too cute...for a stinker.


Tonight at dinner, Bart showed her a menu. Her little eyes lit up when she saw shish-ka-bobs. Now mind you we are in China...So what do you think the meat was?? Yup you guessed it...Octopus. Well, Little Miss herself would not touch that octopus. She ate some of the other unidentified meats but shook her head and turned up her nose.


Bart, Jared and I all ate a little bit of the octopus. It had little suctions all over its skin. Yuck...it was greasy and gross and made me gag. But I ate it because I wanted to be able to say that I had eaten octopus before. Loren would not try it, he just contented himself with Ramen Noodles. What a Wimp!


This morning, Bart had wonton soup. He said it was okay but whatever animal was used in the wontons, the eyes were left intact and that was a little disturbing.


A highlight for me this evening was when we were walking back to the hotel, Little Miss started to get all excited about the revolving door. She was so excited that her whole body was shaking. I told Jared to watch her carefully because she did not realize the danger. Before she started to run, she looked back to me for confirmation. I shook my head no and she didn't run!!! When she was close enough that I could see where the door was in the cycle I let her 'jump in' which she likes to do and she still enjoyed herself. I just didn't have to have a heart seizure watching it...


What a good memory...we will see if it lasts until tomorrow. Angie

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