Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am 'Six'

I had to laugh when I got on this blog and found Bart's post. He was the man in charge at home this weekend while I went gallivanting all over the country. Of course, all of the day to day arguments between the kids drove him crazy.

I did come home and find them all in one piece and the dishes were done. Can you say, "Wow?"
I went with the ladies to scrapbook. It was quite a weekend. I enjoyed the time away and it is the one time a year that I actually do scrapbook, so I finished two small books. I always do the small ones so that I can complete them, put them on the shelf and not think about scrap booking again til next year. Lovin' that.

Jacie's story about her minions does not surprise me in the least. She is such a little corker. It is exactly eight days until her surgery. She went with me to the store and picked out her going to the hospital clothes. They are wild. I will try to get a pic and upload it. When she found them, she said, "I will go to the hospital in these."

"Oh, okay..." I stammered. She caught me off guard. I think that she must be getting to the place in her head where she is accepting 'her lot' and hopefully moving on. I am under no conviction that the day of surgery we won't have drama. I know we will. Hopefully we don't have to give her a horse tranquilizer to get her in there. Hehehe.

She has grown so much since she came. When her daddy picks her up she looks so very long on him. Her legs are much bigger than when she came and stronger. She looks good. She looks happy. Well, sometimes. She is not a fun girl when she is sick or 'six' as she calls it. This is the first time since she has been home that she admitted to not feeling well. She must be getting more comfortable or this is really the first time that she felt sick...? Questions like these will probably never be answered. Whatever the case, she has been a little stinker. It is amazing to witness the attitude that she can throw. It sounds similar to a ... let me see ... I know it ... Oh, yeah ... thirteen year old boy.

I have said in the past and I still believe that she thinks that she is a thirteen year old boy, since there are two other of them in the house. Again, I have to say, "I wasn't planning on triplets."

As frustrating as the attitude is for me, I have to admit that there are times that I just sit down and laugh. To hear 'thirteen year old boy speak' coming from this tiny Chinese eight year old, who looks like a six year old can have its humorous moments. Sometimes.

If the wind is blowing just right, the stars have aligned and my sleep is caught up.

So rarely...

She is in a unique place with her schooling. I think that she has decided that shouldn't have to do it. Unfortunately, her language is not advanced as fully as I would like to see it in order to learn to read and until she can read, she cannot move forward. So we are in a holding pattern. I have been reviewing the letters and colors with her. She acts like I am torturing her every time that we sit to do it. Since her surgery is coming and will take her our of school mode for the rest of the year probably, we will look at teaching her to read in the summer so we can move out of kindergarten in the fall. That's the plan, anyway. You know the story about best laid plans.

Continue to remember her as she recovers from her 'six'ness. She needs to be well for her Monday pre-op appointment. I really don't want this surgery postponed. If we move later in the year, we get so much more active.

Today, as with everyday, I am blessed to be where I am. Hope all is well for you.

The pic is of Jacie and Ba in July (2010,) one month after she came. We were at the beach and I was taking a picture of them talking on the bluff. They must have planned it... and turned just in time for me to nab this pic. Sure made me laugh....

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