Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiger Princess

It has been the desire of my heart to blog. I think that I could write (or talk) almost 24/7. Well, a girl has got to eat doesn't she?

I have been so busy and with my mangled hands. I have not had the time or strength to write so I have a lot to say.

Jacie has had an eventful week. First and of great importance...

She voluntarily gave up her cast! I took her to physical therapy on Friday and since then she has not had her walking cast on at all. As soon as we finished at the doctor's, I took her to the shoe store and had her fitted for 'new walking shoes.' I realized that the last time I really shopped for new shoes for her was the Monday after we flew in from China [over a year ago.] Shoes are difficult with Jacie. She cannot wear most of the cute shoes that are made for girls her age. I have to take her to the expensive shoe store where I know that they will work with me and measure her feet correctly. Then I have to pay the fee to walk out with the necessary footwear... Ouch.

When we were there we tried on about 10-15 pairs of tennis shoes.

I wish that I was kidding...

The good news? I got a nice sales lady who was truly interested in helping me find shoes that worked for Jacie. I had to laugh though when we walked out with the exact pair of shoes that we bought on the Monday so long ago, just a size and a half bigger. This poor kid. Not a single other pair of shoes worked for her. Being a notorious 'shoe horse.' I just can't imagine having to wear the exact same color and style of shoe for more than a year. She seemed okay with it though. I think that she was just happy to have some shoes that didn't squeeze her toes- she has worn them since. I probably should have taken her sooner... Ya think?

Today I ran into that same very good [very expensive] shoe store and bought her a pair of sandals- without her. It was so easy and I was right. They are perfect for her. She loves the freedom of wearing sandals. I had noticed that she could only walk in the new tennis shoes we bought last week. I felt sorry for her. It was over ninety degrees today. So I ran in to see if they had any sandals with solid backs [she wears a shoe lift on the left side and requires the back on a shoe to hold it in.] She has been enjoying the sandals since. I think that they will make camp NEXT WEEK so much more enjoyable for her.

You will not be surprised to hear that she has chosen a theme for her new bedroom- tigers. So much for the beautiful hand-tied comforter and matching curtains...

When we were shopping, she found a life-size tiger that she decided she had to have. Ugghh... The last thing that I want to do is fill that new house...BUT I have used that stuffed animal to maneuver her to thinking about sleeping in her own bed in the new house. I told her, "If I buy this tiger for you, he can sleep on your bed and protect you at night when you sleep IN YOUR OWN BED."

I think that she got the message, don't you?

She also found a great soft pillow in tiger print. She loves her new motif.

I have had trouble with allergies for the last couple of days. This has worried Jacie. She hears me coughing and comes to check on me all of the time. "Does your heart hurt?" she questions, often.

"No," I reply.

You may wonder at the heart questions. I did as well. From what I gather (remember that my information is from a nine year old) she lived with a foster family. China Ba, as we call him, seems to have had heart trouble. He smoked as well. He coughed a lot. He ended up having major surgery. I am not certain if he lived through it or not. With that information, it is easy to understand why she worries. She has been my faithful helper for the last couple of days- going so far as to getting after the boys for making me work. She says, "We girls have to stick together Ma. I love you."

Who wouldn't love this kid?

Her English is coming but is by no means 100%. I wonder who we will pick on when she is completely fluent and understands us? She says some of the funniest things. We try to correct her but often end up in a deeper hole then when we started so sometimes we just laugh.

She laughed the other night when we where out shooting off fireworks. She had helped me pick them out and could barely contain herself. She waited 5 whole days to shoot them off and the suspense almost took her out... She dance around the yard as her daddy set off those fireworks. I wish you could have seen this princess. I loved it. Later that night, we took a ride to the lake to see the lights and her daddy let her stick her head out of the sun roof while he drove down the road. She loved it. I kept yelling up at her, "Make sure you open your mouth."

I was picking on her about catching bugs. All of the kids rode hanging out the window. They had so much fun. I kept yanking them back in when I saw cars. I know, I am paranoid but what if we went blazing by a cop with our nine year old hanging halfway out of the car in the middle of the night. Can you say, "I need bail money?"

Jacie has grown another inch and went up a shoe size and a half. She continues to grow and develop. ~For that I am grateful.

I was looking at her paperwork today and I ran across the copy of the note that was pinned to the red blanket wrapped around my precious girl so many years ago...

I will be grateful of you my whole life.
Kind people would be blessed.
She was born on March 16, 2002 in the Lunar Calendar Or
April 28, 2002 in Western Calendar

It is so obvious that someone loved this little girl greatly. I am grateful that God has given me the chance to do the same. I hope that I can meet this amazing person who [for reasons unknown] placed my little girl on the steps of that police station nine years ago. If not on earth, may we meet in heaven...

~Camo Pants

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