Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wait For Me

The journey continues...

Jacie has had a week full of what I would like to call 'bad days.' I am not certain what has caused this shift in her attitude but it drives me crazy. Most of us have some form of allergy stuff going- perhaps she does to? Let's hope so. If not she needs some serious discipline. Yuck!

She began Physical Therapy on Monday. The nurse who did her check-up and plan found that she is very week in the backs of her upper legs. She also has little balance- those of you who see her on a regular basis can attest to that since she stumbles often. The bad news is that the nurse has a serious concern that Jacie has curvature of the spine. I am going to have the orthopedist check into it. That would explain why she walks so very sideways. Her PT nurse is very nice. She is thinking about having her wear a knee brace to help her not hyper-extend her knee so badly. I hope that it works- watching her walk is painful.

Her brothers are learning to see her as more than a nuisance. She came into our family with so little preparation for the children. They had no idea how many areas of their lives would changed dramatically. I wish that I could make it easier but unfortunately, it is something that they must walk. Sometimes I am afraid that I will not be able to pull this family through- then I remember who is in control and [try to] let things go.

I still cannot convince her to wear a pony tail. It has been 90 degrees and we have no air conditioning...

She definitely knows her own mind. All of my kids do so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that God would orchestrate it so our 'new' daughter would fit right in. Who am I kidding? I am just getting payback for how I treated my mother.

Jacie is looking forward to moving to the new house. I expect that we will have a huge fight on our hands. I am not looking forward to the bedtime battles. They are going to magnify when she realizes that she is sleeping in her own bed/bedroom. No matter what I do- she is a toughie in this area. I can't break her. She is scared. She wants us to adopt another girl so that they can 'share a room.' What she means is share a bed. She has always slept with someone- until here.

Hopefully she enjoys camp. Eight girls sleep in the same cabin. I can't imagine that nighttime will be an issue. I am worried about more about her being able to keep up with the other children. It is always so sad to watch her running twenty paces behind them calling, "Wait for me."

That will be the hardest part of not being at camp with her but I have committed to not going out unless they call and need me. I think that in order for Jacie to get established as a 'normal child,' she must face things on her own- without her mommy there holding her hand. Uhhmm...

I am extremely grateful to walk this journey.


BTW: The pic is Jacie when she was walking the goat. She is such a corker. You can't see that she was laughing...

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