Jacie has been home for 2 1/2 years. She was adopted from the Special Needs Chinese Adoption Program at the age of 8 years old. She is learning and growing in her forever family~

Saturday, July 16, 2011

She Knows Not What She Says

It is truly difficult to write and think when it is so very hot outside. Ugghh... Everyone is cranky...Everyone.

There is so much happening on a daily basis here, I can't even begin to keep you up to date. And I just found out that 'real' bloggers sit down and converse with their followers EVERY DAY. Wow, I have certainly dropped the ball on that one. I am lucky some weeks if I hit once. I think about this blog throughout the day, everyday. Does that count?

Why is it that when I finally do get to sit, I cannot think of those amazing words? I can barely string together a coherent sentence- such is life I guess.

I mentioned in the last post that Jacie went to camp. She had a delightful time. I knew that she would. Her counselor was great and made sure that Jacie was well cared for and not left behind. I love that. I know that it is a lot of responsibility but this momma is extremely appreciative. By the way, I was right- she didn't want to come home. When I finally convinced her, she cried all the way. She kept saying, "I no see them anymore."

The really broke my heart. It seemed so final to her. I tried to explain to her that all of the little girls were going home with their moms. She was not convinced. I also tried to reassure her that we would see many of them at 4-H meetings and fair but again, it was to no avail. She finally fell asleep- which is what she needed so badly. Then her daddy took her out to irrigate with him and bought her happiness by letting her pick anything in the gas station to eat. Ever wonder who she has wrapped around her little finger?

The boys did find out that there was a kid that made fun of Jacie for the shape of her eyes and the way that she walked. According to their source (they did not witness it,) one of her 4-H friends immediately jumped in and told him to leave her alone. I laughed and said jokingly, "Good because I would hate to go to jail for stringing a little boy up by his nose..."

There were so many 4-H friends who have known Jacie from her initial introduction to the club (June 2010.) I am happy that someone heard what was happening and stepped in to correct it. Her brothers were glad too. They are quite protective of her without realizing it.

She is definitely a piece of work though. Last week, I found out that my very good friend is having twins. I told Jacie, "Aunt April has two babies in her belly."

"Two babies?" She questioned.

"Yes," I replied.

She got very quiet in the backseat. Then I heard her start to mutter. "What are you saying," I asked.

"I am praying to Jesus," she said.

I was quite interested in what she could possibly be conversing with the Lord about so I pushed her a little further. "What did you say?"

"I say, 'Dear Jesus- Please give my ma two babies in her belly," she said, proudly.

As my breathe caught in my throat, I quickly prayed, "Dear Jesus- Please disregard the words of the little Chinese child in the backseat. She knows not what she says..."

Enough said?

Hope all is well for you.

~Camo Pants

BTW: Tonight she made me sit while she played school. I had to read all of the parts of the human body and write them in order. Then we did this weird question and answer deal where she would make up a question and I had to say true or false. Every time I got one right she would say, "Good job. You are right." Then she tried to give me a high five.

The questions were like this, "Your ugghh... kids, they be fighten' and not listen to you. True or Fase [False]?"


"Good Job. You get that right."

"Your ugghh.. kids, they pick up their junk. True or Fase?"


"Oh, Good job. You right again."

"Your kids, they ugghh... try to help you?"


And on it went for almost a half an hour until I promised her ice cream if she let me 'quit school' to dip it. I am still not certain what she was trying to accomplish. Too incredibly funny.

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  1. I'm sitting here laughing out loud tonight!